Saturday, November 26, 2005

Google Gobble

Just for the record, I overate this past Thanksgiving. I made my plate to perfection, to my hearts content, to where it was just right. I also made my neices plate, who was in a high chair. She had about one roll and nothing more. In my attempt to do the world a service by not letting anything go to waste, I finished her plate. It was not the Irish Car Bombs that I did in succession or the beer after beer that put me down. Rather it was a child's plate of thanksgiving dinner that led to my thanksgiving demise of slumber.

As far as technology was concerned this Thanksgiving weekend, I shyed away from it as much as I could, a sort of vacation reminiscent of childhood, when an entire week off was dedicated for weekends such as these. However, I did get a full dose Friday night complements of my friend Leah from the University of Chicago. Her new 60gig iPod, and her mom's new 20 inch Powerbook G5. It was doubly cool because her roommate Lindsay was curious about my aspirations in technology. Also her friend landed a job working on linux servers in Osaka, JP. I think thats wild!

There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who do not.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Columbus here I come + joining the Flock that is myspace

Flickr PhotoFriday is the big day for OSU , I finally go down and get to see if its for me or not. A fun day is planned for me though. 2pm starts off the Engineering Preview Day, which is a big open house for all things engineering. After a little bit 2:30 I am going to the Computer Science overview. I'm not sure which will be better but, I hope they tie for awesome.

I joined myspace

Yeah, apparently everyone already has an account. I'm which wasn't the first choice, but I'm happy. I kinda like it already, not as much as tabula rasa as with your own website, but you CAN enter html in every text box, which ups the techo ante, which I like.

I don't know who this Tom guy is, but he gets around. I think he's either a computer virus or the bird flu that is just going around. In either case, he can keep his distance.

I'll keep you posted on what happens at OSU.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Trading big bucks for OSU bucks

I've finally come to my senses.

It sucks having to leave Cleveland. Right now I have a nice job at Jackson Hewitt as their lead Network Technician, that means I supervise 30+ networks and keep an eye on 300+ computers. Its a big job, but I scale myself to handle it, and I'm a professional. Things would go on if I stayed in Cleveland through the winter, the world would turn, I would even make alot of money. I can't do it.

Instead this Winter, (January 3rd 2006 to be exact) I transfer to Ohio State, I mean The Ohio State. How freaking sweet is that.

Flickr Photo I've seen the future, and its scarlet and grey.

Cleveland is my comfort zone, and ... I need to step out of it. Giving up money is not hard to do, so long as it allows me to pursue my passion.

Here's a response I got today after talking to my friend Matt. It's a bit of my inspiration to just about drop everything and go head first.

Braxio187: on
my website, under the ideas tab, i have this idea for a handheld device
that does everything from playing videos to surfing the web. In between
that you can have your textbook loaded into a pdf in there and read
through this thing, press a button and its your notebook and jot down
things, also call mommy and tell her to wire money down to you, which
you could then use your handheld as a credit card

TARHEELxxx: jesus christ pete, when did u become a compueter genius
Braxio187: ever since i broke my leg in the sack race on field day at St. Albert.
TARHEELxxx: hahahahaha

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Flock, flickr, and blogging... getting their 15 minutes

Today I stumbled upon Flock, which is basically Firefox's cousin that likes to keep in touch with everyone. It is built off of the same code (Mozilla) so you know its rock solid, though they underpromise. Well it is really good at helping you keep track of sites through starring, which makes a tag and a comment, and then you continue surfing. The star is like gmail, when you star a favorite message, though it uses (stores a list of your favorite sites online). The next thing that is cool is integrated flickr (online photo album) which goes best with the integrated blog, in my case blogger. You get a window that you can drag flickr images in, create tags for organization and searchability.

Flickr Photo

Basically Flock brings all these technologies together to make a something where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Sure you can do it all without the fancy all-in-ones, but then that would just make you a geek.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005 The birth of something

I have created just a few days ago, and I hope to work a good deal of effort into the site. It is going to be my site where I will keep my ideas, and other brainstormings to keep for myself and to share with the world.

What prompted me to create the site is the Universal Machine idea that I am working on. The idea will get transferred to the site eventually, as I finish dreaming the idea, and I find someone to make some nice graphics to put up on the site.

One thing I learned in Dreamweaver is that you create your first page and save it as a template, then you select all the regions and turn them into editable regions. The template will remain intact and each piece will be able to be modified. So I will just fire up the template, change something and call that a new page.

One thing I learned on a mac is that the usb port in the keyboard sucks, and they are not impossibly difficult to use and connect a flash drive to. I plugged my card into the computer and it worked automagically. Also I learned that iTunes on a mac can read my flash drive to load songs from it. However it still doesn't love it like an iPod. - The homepage blurb

Driving less did this to me

After Hurricane Katrina hit, many in the Gulf were left devastated as their lives were forever altered as hell broke loose upon them. They might have suffered a loss of house, family members, and dignity, but I lost a good chunk of skin as I did my part to reduce gas prices. I don't drive an SUV or any type of gas hog, but I felt that our environment was important for us to keep clean, safe, and easy to breath. That was then, I also have those secondary emotions, such as me doing this kept a soldier from having to die. They defend our pipelines, I'll make sure I use less. The story was that I was attacked by a bear, which a few people actually believed, however nobody bought me bear repellant I was selling the next day. But despite what you might have heard, this was not the result of my hat falling into the bear cage at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and being attacked as I grabbed a bananna from the cage and was chased all the way home. No, this was from driving home from the zoo, on my bike, from a bear chasing me, not from the bear itself. I was using my mom's bike which is lightweight and fast so I was tearing up the world. I was just cruising up and down the Parma sidewalks, when this maldesigned piece of concrete launced my bike up with some force that caused something in the bike to give way. I remember watching my bike tire roll past as I flipped over the handlebars. They bike is pretty groovy, all bent at the front frame. I lived, with scars to proove that I'm not a sally. I still ride my bike somedays, provided its not raining, snowing, or too cold out.

The birth of Eclectech.US

I had the idea of creating eclectech when I had a powerful brainstorm for my project of the Universal Machine. I have an idea that I will post soon, and I really needed an outlet to pour my ideas and to display them, so that I can tell my friends and family. Eclectech is a spin on eclectic, which is defined as , selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas thanks to, which is my favorite dictionary. It is my intention to use this website as my personal website for everything which will lead me to use technology in a modern fashion, and so that I may be a pioneer in leading the way in certain aspects.

Focuses of this site I wish to expand to are: my photos, a blog, a place for my friends and family to check in and see whats going on in my world, a collection of my ideas of technology that I think will "make the world a better place" or just plain make us more productive but in a "do no evil" kind of way that it makes our quality of life better, and lastly I want to be able to offer my skills to the world at large.

Monday, October 10, 2005

An idea...

What if you could click a link in some text that you are reading and build up a queue of links to go to. Similar to opening the link in another tab, but will automatically load up when you reach the bottom of the page your reading, or after hitting a next page button.

I'm reading and I really think that this is a good direction for the internet to evolve into. I've read some books about the beginning of the wide area links of (D)ARPA which eventually became the internet. (which means if I where web 2.0 l33t then I would have a book reading list you could check out) Their original intentions where to build a connection so that Universities could share resources. This grew to communications and data transfer, which coupled with all the evolutionary founding protocols (http, ftp, telnet, pop3) plus today's (rss, tags, social networks, wiki, blogs) which lead to something more involving and more resemblant of how we might naturally want to organize everything.
{I just discovered and and I suggest you do too}

Why do you want to work in IT?

I want to work in IT not just for a career, but because it is a great passion of mine. I am very excited about all the possibilities I can learn at school, and how we can push our society further by developing new applications. In life I generally want to stretch the boundary of what we once thought was possible. Also I want to work in IT because it means that I would get to meet some incredible people and coworkers who think the same way I do about technology.

Another aspect I see in IT from my limited experience and on the job exposure is the great challenge it provides. I have worked as a Junior network administrator for a small company and found the stress from work to be both a curse and a blessing. We ran into a severe difficulty when our server crashed and ground everything to a halt. Customers were in the office and we had been very busy. When I arrived on the scene to resolve the issue everyone immediately fixated on me and expected me to have it repaired an hour ago. I immediately felt the tension as workers who could no longer carry out their work stared at me working on the server. As I diagnosed the problem and attempted a stepwise refinement to correct everything, each attempt I made that didn't fix everything only heightened the tension. Having responsibility for the productivity of others really made me feel the importance of having a properly functioning Information System. I felt a great sense of pride once I finally corrected the problem and everyone really opened up to me. I have found that working in IT is a thrill for all that I will get to do, and I wish to continue in the field to seek these types of challenges.

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and the city has been experiencing economic difficulty and is below the curve on high-tech growth. What I am in school for is to learn from the experts in the field and then transfer those skills into the workplace where I will learn by experience. I have every intention in joining the knowledge-sector of the economy and I feel the country will be better off with a more educated work force. I wish to become a professional and lead a respectable career that my children can look up to. Also I wish that society progresses as do I so that everyone knows that some in IT doesn't just "fix computers". There is a quote about technology that says "the only thing constant about technology is that change is the only constant" which leads me to believe in Information Technology as a lifelong learning experience, full of room for mastery and excitement.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Google Zeitgeist + Current TV = Google Current....

Google distilled into video form is basically what I would call this show. It is an entertaining 3 minute show about the top clicked news from google.

This is basically 2 diggs in one. One for Google Current and another for Current TV. My favorite portion of current tv is the screening room, you watch other peoples uploaded videos and then decide whether to give them the green light. Getting the green light puts your video on to satellite / cable television.

Current TV
Screening Room
Google Blog mentioning partnership with Current TV

Eclectech - selecting what seems best

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Holy hell is it raining

I am in Cleveland, OH and we are getting one hell of a storm right now. There is so much activity in the clouds. Thunder, lightning, rain, wind, wow. It is comforting to be inside, but I wonder what living through such conditions must be like. Also, I feel bad being home on a Thursday night, but hard work leads to a deserved payoff.

I feel like running through the storm like when I was a child. It is sweet, the flash of the world followed by the snap of everything being ripped to two. Ohh it is so powerful. Once I rode my bike (bicycle) home in a nasty storm and everytime I saw lightning I feared that the thunder was going to hit me and throw me off my bike. (My physics skills where not as polished back then) Also there was this little kid in the front yard acting like the weatherman, walking around with a wooden spoon and a walkie talkie, giving the 411 to those on the inside. Well word, I am that weather man, this is my walkie talkie, and I'm out for my first-hand take.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Extension enables Firefox to play launch yahoo videos

This extention is the simplified process of bypassing yahoo's browser detection script so that music videos can be played in firefox. While Yahoo has pledged future support for the firefox browser, they have been too slow to implement a solution. )( NOTE )( click on - Warp to Viewing video

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Liquid filled Kevlar body armor stops bullets better

Good news for all you street thugs out there... The army has developed a body armor filled with a liquid that solidifies upon impact of a bullet with greater strength than plain old kevlar. Other uses are for stabbings and flying shrapnel and even bomb protection.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

War of the world's thoughts

Timultuous, is the thought that comes to mind. Nothing more is being drawn from this word other than it is a thought that has popped out of my head.

Our world has problems in it, none more severe than societies that cannot commune together, and only result in clashes. Closer to home, I find it swallowing me whole. It is not terrorism that is suffocating me, nor the threat of it, but it is the root which has become of me. I am not one to bring terror to another nor even kick your dog, but I feel what is only the beginning of what might be what grips those who become the future terrorists of the world. This cancer, the vile devastater of potential is hope and the loss of it. When you can see a future of bright things and how you can do so much to improve the world, and everything that could be better, yet are held back from even attempting because the foundations are not in place... this is the root.

In my own life, I have noticed that money is what is fuel behind the fire of all of this nonsense. Money is not what will be fought over, but it is going to be what causes the seperations amoung classes, castes, cultures, and countries. I have been underemployed for some time now, and I feel the pressures of adulthood forcing me to do something. In my opinion I am working towards progress of myself, yet I am faced with mounting problems stemming from financial ineptitude, or rather economic underopportunitied. This stems from both a lack of desirable jobs available to me as a degree-less IT candidate, and also the high cost of tuition, the high cost of vehicles, the extra fees that life imposes (doctor's bills, taxes, gas, food, housing, entertainment) all of which add up to an impossibility or rather improbability to suceed in this climate. To remedy this situation I have arranged my next semester to work full-time and go to school part-time.

There are whole regions where this unjustice is suffered on a whole. Urban areas within first world nations have dense populations where youth is held back by a lack of stimulus and a lack of hope that things will improve. Also this is the greatest threat facing the united nations in response to extremists spawning out of impoversed nations namely Iraq, children grow up without the opportunity to leap out of their surroundings. They are bombarded day after day with more bad news and bombs which ravish their cities eliminating any speck of hope they might have been holding onto.

Now, take a look at the options. If I could, I would like to take out a loan covering all of my needs during the next few years until I can get onto my feet with a degree and a dream job. If I couldn't, I will otherwise face the news that I in fact cannot continue life as I know it, and must resort to something which will blanket me and take care of my basic needs, join the military-- both of which I will be endebted to for using. So my choices are to take out a loan on credit which I as a youth, am surely not to have, or second join a military group you don't necessarily want to be a part of. Flip the story here and you have the recruiting bases from the insurgents in Iraq. They grow up without the hope that they can take of themselves on their own. This is demeaning to them and possibly breaks their spirit, like it is eating away at mine. They see a local hero who will allow them to occupy themselves and progress their skills and this local hero is the Al-Qaida or other militant clan which sticks together because they feel they have been wronged.

So what can be done to remedy this on a whole? I would suppose that there needs to be some investment made in the youth. A blanket maybe that is available to all youths who would like to better themselves. This would be available to education and cost of living for the time it takes to acquire a higher education so that they may be able to market themselves. And also there needs to be a market for these skills of theirs to be marketed. So there must investment in the infrastructure not only of the people but also in the land if we ever are to expect progress to come out of it.

Peter Dietz

Also I feel the sameway about Africa, and that by just donating massive amounts of money to a government will not be very efficient in reaching the people. There needs to be the mentors to lead them, and there needs to be a drive for everyone to stand up and out of their poverty.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

BBC allows download of TV shows

The BBC has announced the interactive Media Player (iMP) which offers viewers the chance to catch up on TV and radio programs they may have missed after they have been broadcast. The iMP transfers shows over the Internet to a home computer and the show expires seven days after the original broadcast date.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Everything is relative

I like to think that I am in the know when it comes to technology. If only words could say as much as "heh"... I don't know anything other than technologies are flying in, and every week I read about this cool new thing thats been going on for the past 6 months. I'll take credit for being a quick study however. The thing that tickles my ass especially is that I'm going to school and its just not up to par with me or with the world. Keeping up to date is a full time job. I had always seen the RSS logo on some sites and never understood it and like TiVo its the greatest thing. Thats what technology is, an ass tickler.

I pretty much broke up with my girlfriend today. Pretty much as in it might be the end of the us; to me I see it as a seed of hope that things will get better. At the beginning I followed my gut, and now I followed my heart and not the path of least resistance and things are over. The bad thing is that the weather has brought me down all week. Snow was beautiful on the weekend, trees covered root to limbs and holding strong; it just made me think of how precious life is. We have our roots and we see how far we can grow from there, some fall over while others flourish. People speak of Cleveland as you either love it or leave it. Well I haven't left yet.

I am close to meeting graduation requirements for my associates in Computer Network Hardware at I am excited because this means that I should receive a scholarship and I will have less credits to take at (looking into Computer Science and Engineering) The hottness is that I pulled out 11 credits out of nowhere. Those hard years of high school have finally payed off. Well not actually paid...

If you are not up to speed, because maybe your 'life' takes precedence over your life when its connected to fiber optic backbones... why?

-- Here's whats hot to me: podcasting, WiMAX, rss, streaming, terminal server, interactive blogs, wikipedia,, google maps, and especially keyhole.

--What I want to learn more about: neural networks, chaos theory, quantum mechanics, our expanding universe, time machines, light speed,

--What's stale: online journals without an rss feed, waking up at 7am, lack of motivation to fix things up in dreamweaver, yahoo.

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Self realization of lost youth

I noticed something that shocks me to the awe. First it was the scent, backyard cookout, being a kid and running around and then coming back to the grill for a dog or a burger. I didn't do that today. Our first nice day and I am reminded of the past. I hope life isn't best when you're young, for I have distinctive memories of all the stupid shit that was done and turned out to be far more entertaining than anything of today. What I lack more than the smokey grilling of the air is the spontaneous combustion of energy of yesteryear. The lack of commitment, responsibility, or concern is what I miss the most. Since my mind constantly turns over the pages of my future I miss the present. When I all had was what was in front of me I could live it, siezing the day for it was all I had. As I think not only of tomarrow, but of tomarrow's tomarrow I miss each day as it has served its purpose of leading me closer to tomarrow, which is closer to the end.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Allusions of more to come

I had a great talk with a neighbor today. Many revelations where made as well as REVEALations. As much as I think throughout the day, I believe the generators where running today and neurons where firing. Clarity, for the first time in forever maybe. Clarity under a guise -- a guise called the future.

I wonder what people did during prehistoric times, don't you? This thought is a loop to nothingness, but I just like to think of a place without the footprint or impression of the human. Our world is accelerating currently at a rate exceed that of compound interest or even gravity (9.8m/s/s). Meaning early caveman only slowly advanced. The original person likely did not live long. They had no knowledge other than what they could pick up, and they being originators had little to educate themselves with. As time progressed they began to write, talk, establish norms and this leads us to todays beings who can learn years of history and gain much knowledge in a packaged form known as a book. And still more, we read on the internet an even vastly greater amount which only helps to increase our growth in the exponential region. I find this to be great yet stark news.

News of what the future knows is that things will continue similar to how they where before but with an adaptation to the times. I see the world as being swept up in to too much commotion, not that I am unfavorable to our global climate and connectivity to the rest of the world, (which I thrive upon knowledge of) but I would prefer to expirience just more motion.

My Corner
I think of America, alot. I grew up loving this country too. When I am reminded of America and her amber waves of grain I think of a big black scar on her face. Not necessarily the scar of bombs bursting or war, but of our selfishness and our waste. I do not feel as though as a whole we are entitled to everything we have, I feel that even if we reduced ourselves to THE MINIMUM necessary to complete a function, (no lights, less gas, recycling, healthy meals) that we would still be a wasteful country. We have been spoiled as a whole, and our way of life is a greater threat to ourselves than any outside force ever could be.

I strided to this revelation after thinking of Reagans policy of combating communism in Russia. We spent more and more and we cheered victory. In 2005 we are in a war in Iraq fighting for ?? and using insane amounts of resources to do so. This trickles down from our central government or even flows in reverse from the people to those people in uniforms of power. In our "lazy" society complacency is our great enemy. Our enemy has many allies known as greed and exploitation.

Even more of my personal banter can be extrapolated to my personal outrage to our future drilling of oil in Alaska. Alaska, as I have heard is a very beautiful land is home to many animals and untouched land, and though I love nature in it "natural state" I almost could care less. In a political move "so it seems" the price of crude has risen $56 a barrel, and refined is $2 a gallon. This recent spike is sure to have serious consequences on our society such as maniacs screaming conspiracies of doomsday. This is not my concern, I will deal with the price hike, and I will feel sorry for those elk or caribou.

MY DEAL IS THIS: The rest of the OPEC world is either limiting their production or raising their prices of crude causing a ripple effect. Depending on which angle wants to be persued from a rebound to our war, to a strike against America, so be it. I agree, some of our policies are aligned with waste. But the point is this, whatever finite resources the world has left of petroleum which we currently rely on will soon expire, especially with our level of consumption, and with the world growth which only increases the burden. So someday, not in your or my lifetime, or even my children's life will we completely run out of oil, but the fact is that we cannot continue in this direction ad infinitum. I feel many politicians wanted to reduce the price of gas so as to appease their electorate, but ignored the reality of the future. WE WILL RUN OUT OF OIL SOMEDAY. In the interest of making things better for the time being, we have in essence multiplied our problem by reducing the cost of depleting our resources. My mind envisioned a much greater remedy for this situation which is to leave our reserves alone, keep them our reserves, keep the land beautiful. Wait for the other countries to export untill they fill an oceanliner with sand; we will then still have our Alaskan reserves to hold us over while we condense ourselves and people start listening when we say 1:REDUCE 2:REUSE 3:RECYCLE. The price of gas is $2 a gallon, so what. It is inconveient true, but it is the price we pay.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Come and take me by the hand

Perhaps Lenny Kravitz said it best: " I want to fly away". I want to disconnect at times, break loose, and get in touch with something that is missing. I am sure alot of people feel as though they are 'missing' something. Which means plenty of room for improvement. One thing I find funny, I imagine that when I look back at the days of now, I will say those where the best days of my life. Yet I know that things can be better. For reference, those where the days, are days that weren't all that, great, but could have been more. The skinny is that I want those days to be more than what they are. I'm filling my head, I'm earning my slice of the pie, yet I want for it all to full-circle or just be wholly encompassing. Maybe it is that I just feel so California How great would life be if you didn't have to deal with the stressors of life, live life in the naivette of childhood. There are things that fill up my head and make me not want to use my mind. Would it be better to live in the comfort of blissfull ignorance? I don't know, but atleast it couldn't be worse.

Hot issues that have been pressing me lately have been identity theft and security, as well as leisure and entertainment, so its not all business. In life we come across choices that present changes and opportunities. I do not fear them, rather I relish the chances I get to shine. However, not everything is the long piece in tetris, we have to work with what we have, these decisions are cloudy at first as we do not fully understand our choices, but with time we make the most informed one. For example, DO NOT EVER buy anything at busysky{dot}net (I would feel bad if anyone clicked that link, you have been warned) They sell plane tickets for a very competitive rate, because they are scamming you, they want to steal your info, and make you wire the money to a bank in Thailand. Ohh yeah, you don't actually get tickets.

Would you agree that life would be sweet if it could be free of the could be nice if there wheren't the shit-happens wouldn't have to deal with the idiosynchroties, or peculiarities which lead to nothingness. Such as having the proper tools for the job. Which I find to be one of the most important aspects of anything. Great demands may exist, and the challenge can be acheived, so long as the goals are clearly laid out, and the request it not something out of your league. I sympathize with those who are asked to do perform some favor even though it is not their specialty. However I sympathize with those who ask for someone to do something; people should be multi-talented.

Ohh boy!! Just bought Jack Johnson's new album "In Between Dreams". He is just so good. Be sure to check out his past two albums, On and On (AWESOME), and Brushfire Fairytales. I saw him live this past summer, I even got to talk to him afterwards, very cool person.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Thoughts in my head

I've been having a crazy time lately, not crazy like this one mexican who kept creeping into my conversation a long time ago, but crazy as is out of the ordinary. First off Omar's birthday party was way sweet, yet I feel as though I overdid it that night, the following morning confirmed my suspicion. WHEN YOU FEEL YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH, YOU'RE PROBABLY RIGHT

I also took a trip to Brandywine for a snowboarding trip, it too was way sweet, my head had finished its spinning by then, however I was stuck using a rental board, since my finances are not up to the level of opulence --relative opulence, I don't like crap, I would prefer to go the extra mile for something quality, in all regards-- my life demands. So the rental board I could feel slowing me down as I descended the slope, one of the weirdest feelings to be going downhill, yet slowing down, I had to ride on my edges the entire time, even leading into jumps which result in less than stellar performance, and just plain slow runs. This one girl explained it best to me, haa there's no way you could compete with a rental. Not so nicely put, but she put it out there nicely so that I could truly understand the scope of what was up.

The kicker: Today and even last week, a professor of mine is going to be starting a research workgroup / thinktank and we will get together every week put our heads/ energies /efforts together and try to accomplish something, that I do not know yet. But the whole time the proposal was being presented to me, my brain had fireworks going off inside of it, which is a good thing since often enough I feel as though the brain chunks are escaping, such as when I sneeze, I suspect that brain particles make their way out as well. Just a suspicion/ theory and as of yet unproven. But these fireworks, it was like my head was out of its league, processing all these thoughts of what I want to do, taking in new information, continuing the dialougue, loosing it, trying to communicate at a high level and completely and utterly striking out, I was trying hard to spit out some words but the brain was too busy with something else to be bothered, do I need more vitamins or just sleep. I wanted only what I precisely intended to say to come out, yet I would get hung up with the vocabulary.

I've isolated it, I've been reading mostly educational information as of lately, textbooks, and one on the beginnings of Linux / Unix also another on genetics and how nurture plays a role in who we develop to be. So as you can see, my Dan Brown reading has taken a back seat or should I say bedroom floor to the other, as I considered more lasting knowledge. But if I can't communicate then ohh noo!!! its too late, I've already lost enough brain matter.


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