Monday, July 30, 2007

My Latest Technovation: Alarm Socks

Loud annoying alarm clocks got you down? Yeah, I know its actually the ever present foggy, misty, wetness in your car that the defroster can't get rid of.

But for mornings when you don't really care that your alarm is ringing and you fight for just five more minutes of peace and slumber. You might as well be getting a foot massage while you ignore your morning wakeup.

Introducing, Alarm Socks, another great technovation from the company that brought you that wicked cool google maps mashup that you can pull real-time information from within your car of traffic, maps, navigations, weather, local businesses, other vehicles supporting the common chatting service, picture swapping, and the mobile marketplace.

In a recent interview with founder Peter Pants, Mr. Pants was quoted as saying, "With all the other great technology companies out there competing in the 'hyperlocal' sector, theres just nothing more local than your feet". There's no word as to whether or not Pants Industries, more commonly known as Eclectech:Technologies, thoughts, ideas... will still work on other hi-tech systems that involve coding, computers, internets, and users, but for now, we know that Mr. Pants will wake up every morning, and his feet will thank him.

Technical details of the Alarm Socks:
One size fits all
Requires surgical implantation of electrical node in leg (to power the socks, and to sense for the optimal time to wake up the user based upon REM sleep stage)
Optional time setter to set the time you wish to be woken up requires uMachine (sold separately)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

omg omg... I'm so happy.. Google Rocks

Google stock has reached astronomical highs this week. They did lose some 7% earlier this week after missing their profit goal by 2%, but that is actually my fault. No really. Google builds their entire platform around growth, that why they can afford to drop a billion dollars on YouTube, or offer the FCC $4.6B or was it $6.4B these small numbers get confusing, I mean whats a decimal point multiplied a few billion? Oh... wow... Wow!!

Anyways, this is a story about me, and my personal relationship to Google. {By the way, I'm the only person who reads this blog. The fact that GoogleBot reads it too, kinda makes me smile sometimes.} So today, I was busily working, or busily reading, or busily almost working, or busily almost reading. I was busy, so I never had a chance to read my rss feeds in firefox. Big Mistake.

After getting home today, and pacing around the block a few times, and having a drink, because after all its healthy nowadays to have a drink every day, I log into the computer and see "what is up". This fun activity involves web browsing, putting readers to sleep, and... and... reading the google blog. My bad, The Official Google Blog. Or as I call it,
The Word, according to Google.

Umm, today Google went nuts, or at the least, their publishing and marketing groups went nuts. Their blog had at least three new story, and they were all awesome. Sorry Ramen noodle guy, but these were really good stories. I watched the video of Eric Schmidt talk to governors about the role of technology in our lives and education... Pretty fascinating. So alot, alot, alot of good features for researchers, and this awesome video for Gmail, and that was what I would call overload. And I came up with an idea for my own addition to the Gmail video.. Hopefully something becomes of it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last night reading 1

A thought pops in my head, Google rocks, and Wikipedia is an awesome way to organize our information, would they mesh well? That idea's already been taken, and the domain, is owned by Google. Next...

So while on Wikipedia, I'm looking up Gin and Tonic to see why they go together so handily. The answer has something to do with the British East India Company and Q-9. Right after filling my head with random facts, I see and I am finding myself questioning this article.

Alcohol, in moderation, is good for one's health?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spend less time waiting in line...

There seems to be no logic to waiting in lines. Thats why the internet, automation, and e-commerce rule the world. However, when you're going out to the club and the group in front of you "is not generally found attractive by the world at large" or perhaps "doesn't score high marks at hotornot" then you waiting behind them will wait and wait and wait. You can of course always kiss the doorman and slip him a 20.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Urinal Cakes

Why are those things in men's rooms called cakes? They smell like moth balls and I mean, who really wants a slice?

What if they offered flavors ... chocolate anyone?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

60 Votes - All-Nighter in the Senate

While I chose to spend yesterday swimming, eating, and finally drinking espresso at midnight to watch C-Span coverage of our Senators and their bitter debates instead of joining the political party in DC (pun intended).

I'm actually quite surprised by Ohio Senator George Voinovich. The honorable gentleman recently made his voice known that this war needs some direction and broke rank to declare that statement. Breaking rank must have broke his cool and he's now back to his republican core. I'll have to keep watching him to see if he has had a change in mind, or if this bill just wasn't right.

Now how about some votes for Internet Radio

Friday, July 13, 2007

Some pictures from my fourth

I was in DC for the fourth, and it rained. I thought it was fun though.

Monday, July 09, 2007

My pre Goog411w/maps adventure through DC

Ohh My God

I've become a very frequent user and advocate of Goog411, and I have felt the need for a map alongside the information. For an example of this follow this sort of dialogue:
Goog411: What city and state?
Me: Washington DC
G: {Washington DC}, What category?
Me: Swedish Embassy
G: {Swedish Embassy} Top 2 results, 1)Embassy of Sweden Library, 2)Embassy of Sweden
Me: Number two
G: Embassy of Sweden, located on K Street Northwest and W.

Here's where a map is great, I'm a total n00b to DC, I've been through the town a couple of times and I understand the Metro very well, in fact, I love DC's metro, but thats besides the point, I'm on foot. I know the Metro, I know landmarks, I know where The White House is, I know where The Washington Monument is, I know where Foggy Bottom is, I know where Georgetown is, I know where Adam's Morgan is. Maybe I'm a little beyond the total n00b, but still very fuzzy.

The map said K St NW, I was at A or B, which means K was A,B,...,J,K blocks away. I'm starting from the US Capitol, because the Forth of July celebrations are delaying on account of rain. It also said something undecipherable like W. K and W don't unnecessarily meet. Letters go from north and south, and numbers go from east to west. Details said the address was 2900 K St, and when I went A,B,... all the way to K, I found I was at First Street also. This 2900 is the same as 29th. It was a very long walk.

So long and sketchy, that I met a prostitute soliciting her services along the way. Goog411 with maps might have helped choose a better way to get there. So I'm looking forward to using it.

Official Google Blog: 1-800-GOOG-411: now with maps

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ride the 4th my DC Metrorail map

Google Map of DC Metrorail

If your already my technologisk then I am, this is merely a lame attempt at making the Metro system incorporate into easy use. Those mobile users out there can go to and see this, and it perhaps has times of when the next train comes in. This one I came up with allows you basically so see where stations are so if your using google maps for your planing anyways, this could help you see where things are. ..this still needs alot of work, but its perhaps usable to someone in its current condition. I mean its already helped me find the closest station.