Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Eclectech.us The birth of something

I have created eclectech.us just a few days ago, and I hope to work a good deal of effort into the site. It is going to be my site where I will keep my ideas, and other brainstormings to keep for myself and to share with the world.

What prompted me to create the site is the Universal Machine idea that I am working on. The idea will get transferred to the site eventually, as I finish dreaming the idea, and I find someone to make some nice graphics to put up on the site.

One thing I learned in Dreamweaver is that you create your first page and save it as a template, then you select all the regions and turn them into editable regions. The template will remain intact and each piece will be able to be modified. So I will just fire up the template, change something and call that a new page.

One thing I learned on a mac is that the usb port in the keyboard sucks, and they are not impossibly difficult to use and connect a flash drive to. I plugged my card into the computer and it worked automagically. Also I learned that iTunes on a mac can read my flash drive to load songs from it. However it still doesn't love it like an iPod.

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