Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Allusions of more to come

I had a great talk with a neighbor today. Many revelations where made as well as REVEALations. As much as I think throughout the day, I believe the generators where running today and neurons where firing. Clarity, for the first time in forever maybe. Clarity under a guise -- a guise called the future.

I wonder what people did during prehistoric times, don't you? This thought is a loop to nothingness, but I just like to think of a place without the footprint or impression of the human. Our world is accelerating currently at a rate exceed that of compound interest or even gravity (9.8m/s/s). Meaning early caveman only slowly advanced. The original person likely did not live long. They had no knowledge other than what they could pick up, and they being originators had little to educate themselves with. As time progressed they began to write, talk, establish norms and this leads us to todays beings who can learn years of history and gain much knowledge in a packaged form known as a book. And still more, we read on the internet an even vastly greater amount which only helps to increase our growth in the exponential region. I find this to be great yet stark news.

News of what the future knows is that things will continue similar to how they where before but with an adaptation to the times. I see the world as being swept up in to too much commotion, not that I am unfavorable to our global climate and connectivity to the rest of the world, (which I thrive upon knowledge of) but I would prefer to expirience just more motion.

My Corner
I think of America, alot. I grew up loving this country too. When I am reminded of America and her amber waves of grain I think of a big black scar on her face. Not necessarily the scar of bombs bursting or war, but of our selfishness and our waste. I do not feel as though as a whole we are entitled to everything we have, I feel that even if we reduced ourselves to THE MINIMUM necessary to complete a function, (no lights, less gas, recycling, healthy meals) that we would still be a wasteful country. We have been spoiled as a whole, and our way of life is a greater threat to ourselves than any outside force ever could be.

I strided to this revelation after thinking of Reagans policy of combating communism in Russia. We spent more and more and we cheered victory. In 2005 we are in a war in Iraq fighting for ?? and using insane amounts of resources to do so. This trickles down from our central government or even flows in reverse from the people to those people in uniforms of power. In our "lazy" society complacency is our great enemy. Our enemy has many allies known as greed and exploitation.

Even more of my personal banter can be extrapolated to my personal outrage to our future drilling of oil in Alaska. Alaska, as I have heard is a very beautiful land is home to many animals and untouched land, and though I love nature in it "natural state" I almost could care less. In a political move "so it seems" the price of crude has risen $56 a barrel, and refined is $2 a gallon. This recent spike is sure to have serious consequences on our society such as maniacs screaming conspiracies of doomsday. This is not my concern, I will deal with the price hike, and I will feel sorry for those elk or caribou.

MY DEAL IS THIS: The rest of the OPEC world is either limiting their production or raising their prices of crude causing a ripple effect. Depending on which angle wants to be persued from a rebound to our war, to a strike against America, so be it. I agree, some of our policies are aligned with waste. But the point is this, whatever finite resources the world has left of petroleum which we currently rely on will soon expire, especially with our level of consumption, and with the world growth which only increases the burden. So someday, not in your or my lifetime, or even my children's life will we completely run out of oil, but the fact is that we cannot continue in this direction ad infinitum. I feel many politicians wanted to reduce the price of gas so as to appease their electorate, but ignored the reality of the future. WE WILL RUN OUT OF OIL SOMEDAY. In the interest of making things better for the time being, we have in essence multiplied our problem by reducing the cost of depleting our resources. My mind envisioned a much greater remedy for this situation which is to leave our reserves alone, keep them our reserves, keep the land beautiful. Wait for the other countries to export untill they fill an oceanliner with sand; we will then still have our Alaskan reserves to hold us over while we condense ourselves and people start listening when we say 1:REDUCE 2:REUSE 3:RECYCLE. The price of gas is $2 a gallon, so what. It is inconveient true, but it is the price we pay.

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