Thursday, July 07, 2005

War of the world's thoughts

Timultuous, is the thought that comes to mind. Nothing more is being drawn from this word other than it is a thought that has popped out of my head.

Our world has problems in it, none more severe than societies that cannot commune together, and only result in clashes. Closer to home, I find it swallowing me whole. It is not terrorism that is suffocating me, nor the threat of it, but it is the root which has become of me. I am not one to bring terror to another nor even kick your dog, but I feel what is only the beginning of what might be what grips those who become the future terrorists of the world. This cancer, the vile devastater of potential is hope and the loss of it. When you can see a future of bright things and how you can do so much to improve the world, and everything that could be better, yet are held back from even attempting because the foundations are not in place... this is the root.

In my own life, I have noticed that money is what is fuel behind the fire of all of this nonsense. Money is not what will be fought over, but it is going to be what causes the seperations amoung classes, castes, cultures, and countries. I have been underemployed for some time now, and I feel the pressures of adulthood forcing me to do something. In my opinion I am working towards progress of myself, yet I am faced with mounting problems stemming from financial ineptitude, or rather economic underopportunitied. This stems from both a lack of desirable jobs available to me as a degree-less IT candidate, and also the high cost of tuition, the high cost of vehicles, the extra fees that life imposes (doctor's bills, taxes, gas, food, housing, entertainment) all of which add up to an impossibility or rather improbability to suceed in this climate. To remedy this situation I have arranged my next semester to work full-time and go to school part-time.

There are whole regions where this unjustice is suffered on a whole. Urban areas within first world nations have dense populations where youth is held back by a lack of stimulus and a lack of hope that things will improve. Also this is the greatest threat facing the united nations in response to extremists spawning out of impoversed nations namely Iraq, children grow up without the opportunity to leap out of their surroundings. They are bombarded day after day with more bad news and bombs which ravish their cities eliminating any speck of hope they might have been holding onto.

Now, take a look at the options. If I could, I would like to take out a loan covering all of my needs during the next few years until I can get onto my feet with a degree and a dream job. If I couldn't, I will otherwise face the news that I in fact cannot continue life as I know it, and must resort to something which will blanket me and take care of my basic needs, join the military-- both of which I will be endebted to for using. So my choices are to take out a loan on credit which I as a youth, am surely not to have, or second join a military group you don't necessarily want to be a part of. Flip the story here and you have the recruiting bases from the insurgents in Iraq. They grow up without the hope that they can take of themselves on their own. This is demeaning to them and possibly breaks their spirit, like it is eating away at mine. They see a local hero who will allow them to occupy themselves and progress their skills and this local hero is the Al-Qaida or other militant clan which sticks together because they feel they have been wronged.

So what can be done to remedy this on a whole? I would suppose that there needs to be some investment made in the youth. A blanket maybe that is available to all youths who would like to better themselves. This would be available to education and cost of living for the time it takes to acquire a higher education so that they may be able to market themselves. And also there needs to be a market for these skills of theirs to be marketed. So there must investment in the infrastructure not only of the people but also in the land if we ever are to expect progress to come out of it.

Peter Dietz

Also I feel the sameway about Africa, and that by just donating massive amounts of money to a government will not be very efficient in reaching the people. There needs to be the mentors to lead them, and there needs to be a drive for everyone to stand up and out of their poverty.