Monday, May 21, 2007

Preparations for Summer Internship: Get Productive

While I won't call myself a slacker, I will say that I haven't been working out three times a week, reading the newspaper, eating breakfast, doing laundry, calling home, reading books, or looking at stars. So in an attempt to save myself from dying a life where I'm not recognized as being a major influence in my field, or where my grandkids are playing their playstation 7's instead of listening to my stories of life, the universe, everything, I shall make some tweaks. I mean its very hard to say that you haven't had enough time to finish your assignment, when you've been at the lab for 6 hours, but instead of quality time spent duktigly debugging a lab, or reading the next chapter, you instead read the internet, almost all of it.

1) Read an hour a day. This goes outside of currently assigned reading. I'm thinking those Safari technology books that we as students have full access to.

2) Have the discipline to finish everything I set my mind on.

Once all other goals have been met...
3) Create massive amounts of websites so that the internet is that much better.

Summer Internship starts in less than a month, and I feel like I want forever to get ready.