Thursday, May 18, 2006

eclectech site upgrade

Things i want to implement into eclectech are as follows...

-like Cloud's treehouse i want a map of the places I've been perhaps using google maps as the engine

-everything integrated, especially a music player built in, perhaps throwing a pandora player in the top

-a shoutbox that anyone can post to so the page is livened.

-a newsgroup / ajax forum for whichever network of mine needs to communicate. i do like "metaForum is a web2.0 forum. It uses AJAX only where it makes the end user's experience better. It really does turn a forum into a kind of group chat with its auto-refresh, but it's really something you have to experience to properly understand...and yes, the back button works."

-a labs page with continually buggy/beta things to fix up. maybe a uMachine simulator.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

OSU Libraries

As was never mentioned... anywhere... that I haven't posted is that I go to osu, and work for the library doing alot of web programming: php, css, html, department sites, personal blogs you name it.

At work blogging has come up, and it is one of my challenges to get our library blogs to fit into a consistent look and template. It sounds fun, but its alot of yuck. Our university has a great looking page template that we want to maintain, and yet add in the personal touch of a blog. (getting geeky...) The blogs will blend in a third party website such as blogspot or wordpress into our university css, php, html, and java hoping that they will play nicely. I love things like this, that which seems very difficult is what I live for.. ahh a challenge.

check out the unofficial, underground, unreported undergrad blog.

UPDATE: The OSU portion of the page looks a bit weird with a grey background in that it was designed to be viewed with a white background, but the blog features look bad that way. Tell me what you think in the comments, and I'll modify it to the best appearance.