Monday, October 10, 2005

An idea...

What if you could click a link in some text that you are reading and build up a queue of links to go to. Similar to opening the link in another tab, but will automatically load up when you reach the bottom of the page your reading, or after hitting a next page button.

I'm reading and I really think that this is a good direction for the internet to evolve into. I've read some books about the beginning of the wide area links of (D)ARPA which eventually became the internet. (which means if I where web 2.0 l33t then I would have a book reading list you could check out) Their original intentions where to build a connection so that Universities could share resources. This grew to communications and data transfer, which coupled with all the evolutionary founding protocols (http, ftp, telnet, pop3) plus today's (rss, tags, social networks, wiki, blogs) which lead to something more involving and more resemblant of how we might naturally want to organize everything.
{I just discovered and and I suggest you do too}

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