Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now on Windows 7

Windows 7,

I've finally made it. From the rave reviews I've heard from everyone, I was super excited to get onboard. All my friends were able to abandon their machines as they were and get going with the release candidate. I was not so fortunate. I love Ubuntu, it works super well about all of the time. So I also couldn't kick over to the RC, because I don't have a giant external hard drive to back everything up on. And as we've been sharing the computer, I'm not sure the woman would let me know immediately as soon as some of her files or settings, or Fallout3 character saves are missing.

Note: Find and copy your game-save files!!

Lastly, I was just recieved a Netgear wg111v3 wireless device (802.11g), which I needed for my desktop. The bad news, Netgear, or any responsible soul for this device doesn't have a Windows 7 driver for the wg111v3 device. The good news, is that you can still get the device to work with a minimum amount of hassle. But only if you're lucky of course.

My machine: Windows 7 64BIT
My wireless card: Netgear wg111v3

Problem: No driver for windows 7!!
Solution: Find a windows 7 driver for the chipset.

The chipset is Realtek RTL8187B. Though, as of this writing their website didn't have the latest Windows 7 drivers, but atleast the internets do.

I found the driver at some website:
Realtek RTL8187B Wireless LAN Windows 7 Driver v.62.1174

Note: it was a slow download, but better than no internets at all.

Once you get that file, launch the setup.exe, it fails to install on success. But you update drivers from device manager on your device, and choose have disk when looking to install the driver, and it resides in RTL8187B/Win7X64/net8187b.inf