Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Redesigning Transport

I was trying to nap before I went in to work tonight, but I couldn't because its really weird to make your body sleep at like 9pm, especially because i drink alot of that hot black deliciousness.

Anyways, the wild mind of mine says this: Redesign transport!!

Its saying, flying is perfectly fine, you can choose any route, get to any location with a decent size airport.. and then what. Sure we have taxi's, but I'm looking for something cheap, and for the masses.

A while back, I had this idea about tubes, creating a bullet speed system that used tubes powered through some type of vacuum/suction system that would essentially not have a "speed limit". That idea will work great for some type of metro area or high density long haul. The kicker to that is you create the interface that works ubiquitously to the user. User gets into a unit/platform/cage/great glass elevator/cage and then hits a few buttons on their computer thing, and the gears start spinning and xx minutes later they arrive at the destination. All the routing handled by the system.

Angie didn't want to hear anything more about the tubes, she really shot that down.

Next thought is this type of modular vehicle system. Redesign our vehicles so that all vehicles start from a common interface, such as it just all builds upon a chassis that is customizable on the fly. (what?)
So the vehicle is the drive train/ wheels / steel beams and such. The steering and speed control is all just a computer, that the user can interact with. The beauty, is that say the chassis has 10 units of capacity, and any of our modular extensions can be used on it. (contained cargo(liquid, or refrigerated...), loose cargo(boxes, ups stuff), people container, special purpose (mail delivery apparatus, law enforcement apparatus, garbage collection, Monster drink distribution apparatus, loud ass speaker setup, mobile video recording/broadcasting),...)

And say they all just like plug into the platform, and take up a certain amount of its units of capacity, so when you need to go from the airport to your technical high school to give a presentation to the class and the teacher about how you've got all this knowledge/craziness to impart upon them, you can pull up on your mobile computer and say I need to get from current location to some destination, it will pull up some routes that are obtained by other's routes that they are taking (obtainable by the computer that operates each vehicle). And gives you nearest vehicle with empty passenger compartment, that you can walk to, and get in. As you need to get to your destination, your vehicle begins on its way, but is likely going somewhere that is not your destination, so it can go along its way, and the computer routes your route, and as you near a vehicle that actually is going to somewhere closer to your destination, some highspeed vehicle transfer happens, and the two vehicles travel exactly parallel to each other, and your compartment slides into the vehicle with extra capacity, and takes you yet closer to your destination...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Difficult things in life...

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do in a given day, might be filling a water bottle all the way, when you really have to go to the bathroom. Not just the periodic bathroom break, but the "I accidentally drank three cups of coffee this morning while reading the paper, and now have to pee like a small child for the rest of the day" kind of bathroom break.

I made it about 3/4 of the way..

{UPDATE} Not I made it 3/4 of the way, I only got 3/4 of the way with the bottle.

Web surfing feature request

Attn: Firefox / Youtube devs

I think Opera took care of this one, but I could use some side-by-side web surfing. I clicked on a Youtube video, and its about 50 minutes, so I'm going to continue watching it. In the meantime, I need to access some data on another page. I like having a single web-browser open, because I only need a single search bar, but to do both I need a second window; tabs can't be both open. Maybe I'm spoiled because of Google chat can pop-out. So this feature request distilled would be to take a snapshot, or select a certain section of the page, in particular, something like videos, and to be able to drag them off screen and they will continue playing at the same point, without any disruption.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gmail Videos

Open Wireless

As a society, our technological abilities so much limited by technology and its technical limitations, but rather policies in place.

In honor of the irony of what has made America what it is (our beloved capitalist society) and some of things that got the ball rolling (public works, TVA) it turns out that America at the core is not capitalism, but just a really bad implementation of a decent idea (our democracy), but so far its been the best we could do.

Enter {beloved technology}*, and their wild commitments to pushing technology, and their rapid growth, and their astonishing advancements to technology, and this all leads to bettering humanity and the world at large. (perhaps, atleast in terms of technology)

So that prototype phone, sounds like an open network needs a device to access it.