Monday, January 31, 2005

Thoughts in my head

I've been having a crazy time lately, not crazy like this one mexican who kept creeping into my conversation a long time ago, but crazy as is out of the ordinary. First off Omar's birthday party was way sweet, yet I feel as though I overdid it that night, the following morning confirmed my suspicion. WHEN YOU FEEL YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH, YOU'RE PROBABLY RIGHT

I also took a trip to Brandywine for a snowboarding trip, it too was way sweet, my head had finished its spinning by then, however I was stuck using a rental board, since my finances are not up to the level of opulence --relative opulence, I don't like crap, I would prefer to go the extra mile for something quality, in all regards-- my life demands. So the rental board I could feel slowing me down as I descended the slope, one of the weirdest feelings to be going downhill, yet slowing down, I had to ride on my edges the entire time, even leading into jumps which result in less than stellar performance, and just plain slow runs. This one girl explained it best to me, haa there's no way you could compete with a rental. Not so nicely put, but she put it out there nicely so that I could truly understand the scope of what was up.

The kicker: Today and even last week, a professor of mine is going to be starting a research workgroup / thinktank and we will get together every week put our heads/ energies /efforts together and try to accomplish something, that I do not know yet. But the whole time the proposal was being presented to me, my brain had fireworks going off inside of it, which is a good thing since often enough I feel as though the brain chunks are escaping, such as when I sneeze, I suspect that brain particles make their way out as well. Just a suspicion/ theory and as of yet unproven. But these fireworks, it was like my head was out of its league, processing all these thoughts of what I want to do, taking in new information, continuing the dialougue, loosing it, trying to communicate at a high level and completely and utterly striking out, I was trying hard to spit out some words but the brain was too busy with something else to be bothered, do I need more vitamins or just sleep. I wanted only what I precisely intended to say to come out, yet I would get hung up with the vocabulary.

I've isolated it, I've been reading mostly educational information as of lately, textbooks, and one on the beginnings of Linux / Unix also another on genetics and how nurture plays a role in who we develop to be. So as you can see, my Dan Brown reading has taken a back seat or should I say bedroom floor to the other, as I considered more lasting knowledge. But if I can't communicate then ohh noo!!! its too late, I've already lost enough brain matter.


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