Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Everything is relative

I like to think that I am in the know when it comes to technology. If only words could say as much as "heh"... I don't know anything other than technologies are flying in, and every week I read about this cool new thing thats been going on for the past 6 months. I'll take credit for being a quick study however. The thing that tickles my ass especially is that I'm going to school and its just not up to par with me or with the world. Keeping up to date is a full time job. I had always seen the RSS logo on some sites and never understood it and like TiVo its the greatest thing. Thats what technology is, an ass tickler.

I pretty much broke up with my girlfriend today. Pretty much as in it might be the end of the us; to me I see it as a seed of hope that things will get better. At the beginning I followed my gut, and now I followed my heart and not the path of least resistance and things are over. The bad thing is that the weather has brought me down all week. Snow was beautiful on the weekend, trees covered root to limbs and holding strong; it just made me think of how precious life is. We have our roots and we see how far we can grow from there, some fall over while others flourish. People speak of Cleveland as you either love it or leave it. Well I haven't left yet.

I am close to meeting graduation requirements for my associates in Computer Network Hardware at I am excited because this means that I should receive a scholarship and I will have less credits to take at (looking into Computer Science and Engineering) The hottness is that I pulled out 11 credits out of nowhere. Those hard years of high school have finally payed off. Well not actually paid...

If you are not up to speed, because maybe your 'life' takes precedence over your life when its connected to fiber optic backbones... why?

-- Here's whats hot to me: podcasting, WiMAX, rss, streaming, terminal server, interactive blogs, wikipedia,, google maps, and especially keyhole.

--What I want to learn more about: neural networks, chaos theory, quantum mechanics, our expanding universe, time machines, light speed,

--What's stale: online journals without an rss feed, waking up at 7am, lack of motivation to fix things up in dreamweaver, yahoo.

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