Monday, October 10, 2005

Why do you want to work in IT?

I want to work in IT not just for a career, but because it is a great passion of mine. I am very excited about all the possibilities I can learn at school, and how we can push our society further by developing new applications. In life I generally want to stretch the boundary of what we once thought was possible. Also I want to work in IT because it means that I would get to meet some incredible people and coworkers who think the same way I do about technology.

Another aspect I see in IT from my limited experience and on the job exposure is the great challenge it provides. I have worked as a Junior network administrator for a small company and found the stress from work to be both a curse and a blessing. We ran into a severe difficulty when our server crashed and ground everything to a halt. Customers were in the office and we had been very busy. When I arrived on the scene to resolve the issue everyone immediately fixated on me and expected me to have it repaired an hour ago. I immediately felt the tension as workers who could no longer carry out their work stared at me working on the server. As I diagnosed the problem and attempted a stepwise refinement to correct everything, each attempt I made that didn't fix everything only heightened the tension. Having responsibility for the productivity of others really made me feel the importance of having a properly functioning Information System. I felt a great sense of pride once I finally corrected the problem and everyone really opened up to me. I have found that working in IT is a thrill for all that I will get to do, and I wish to continue in the field to seek these types of challenges.

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and the city has been experiencing economic difficulty and is below the curve on high-tech growth. What I am in school for is to learn from the experts in the field and then transfer those skills into the workplace where I will learn by experience. I have every intention in joining the knowledge-sector of the economy and I feel the country will be better off with a more educated work force. I wish to become a professional and lead a respectable career that my children can look up to. Also I wish that society progresses as do I so that everyone knows that some in IT doesn't just "fix computers". There is a quote about technology that says "the only thing constant about technology is that change is the only constant" which leads me to believe in Information Technology as a lifelong learning experience, full of room for mastery and excitement.

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