Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Eclectech.us - The homepage blurb

Driving less did this to me

After Hurricane Katrina hit, many in the Gulf were left devastated as their lives were forever altered as hell broke loose upon them. They might have suffered a loss of house, family members, and dignity, but I lost a good chunk of skin as I did my part to reduce gas prices. I don't drive an SUV or any type of gas hog, but I felt that our environment was important for us to keep clean, safe, and easy to breath. That was then, I also have those secondary emotions, such as me doing this kept a soldier from having to die. They defend our pipelines, I'll make sure I use less. The story was that I was attacked by a bear, which a few people actually believed, however nobody bought me bear repellant I was selling the next day. But despite what you might have heard, this was not the result of my hat falling into the bear cage at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and being attacked as I grabbed a bananna from the cage and was chased all the way home. No, this was from driving home from the zoo, on my bike, from a bear chasing me, not from the bear itself. I was using my mom's bike which is lightweight and fast so I was tearing up the world. I was just cruising up and down the Parma sidewalks, when this maldesigned piece of concrete launced my bike up with some force that caused something in the bike to give way. I remember watching my bike tire roll past as I flipped over the handlebars. They bike is pretty groovy, all bent at the front frame. I lived, with scars to proove that I'm not a sally. I still ride my bike somedays, provided its not raining, snowing, or too cold out.

The birth of Eclectech.US

I had the idea of creating eclectech when I had a powerful brainstorm for my project of the Universal Machine. I have an idea that I will post soon, and I really needed an outlet to pour my ideas and to display them, so that I can tell my friends and family. Eclectech is a spin on eclectic, which is defined as , selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas thanks to wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn, which is my favorite dictionary. It is my intention to use this website as my personal website for everything which will lead me to use technology in a modern fashion, and so that I may be a pioneer in leading the way in certain aspects.

Focuses of this site I wish to expand to are: my photos, a blog, a place for my friends and family to check in and see whats going on in my world, a collection of my ideas of technology that I think will "make the world a better place" or just plain make us more productive but in a "do no evil" kind of way that it makes our quality of life better, and lastly I want to be able to offer my skills to the world at large.

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