Friday, March 04, 2005

Come and take me by the hand

Perhaps Lenny Kravitz said it best: " I want to fly away". I want to disconnect at times, break loose, and get in touch with something that is missing. I am sure alot of people feel as though they are 'missing' something. Which means plenty of room for improvement. One thing I find funny, I imagine that when I look back at the days of now, I will say those where the best days of my life. Yet I know that things can be better. For reference, those where the days, are days that weren't all that, great, but could have been more. The skinny is that I want those days to be more than what they are. I'm filling my head, I'm earning my slice of the pie, yet I want for it all to full-circle or just be wholly encompassing. Maybe it is that I just feel so California How great would life be if you didn't have to deal with the stressors of life, live life in the naivette of childhood. There are things that fill up my head and make me not want to use my mind. Would it be better to live in the comfort of blissfull ignorance? I don't know, but atleast it couldn't be worse.

Hot issues that have been pressing me lately have been identity theft and security, as well as leisure and entertainment, so its not all business. In life we come across choices that present changes and opportunities. I do not fear them, rather I relish the chances I get to shine. However, not everything is the long piece in tetris, we have to work with what we have, these decisions are cloudy at first as we do not fully understand our choices, but with time we make the most informed one. For example, DO NOT EVER buy anything at busysky{dot}net (I would feel bad if anyone clicked that link, you have been warned) They sell plane tickets for a very competitive rate, because they are scamming you, they want to steal your info, and make you wire the money to a bank in Thailand. Ohh yeah, you don't actually get tickets.

Would you agree that life would be sweet if it could be free of the could be nice if there wheren't the shit-happens wouldn't have to deal with the idiosynchroties, or peculiarities which lead to nothingness. Such as having the proper tools for the job. Which I find to be one of the most important aspects of anything. Great demands may exist, and the challenge can be acheived, so long as the goals are clearly laid out, and the request it not something out of your league. I sympathize with those who are asked to do perform some favor even though it is not their specialty. However I sympathize with those who ask for someone to do something; people should be multi-talented.

Ohh boy!! Just bought Jack Johnson's new album "In Between Dreams". He is just so good. Be sure to check out his past two albums, On and On (AWESOME), and Brushfire Fairytales. I saw him live this past summer, I even got to talk to him afterwards, very cool person.

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