Thursday, February 28, 2008

Status of Google Translation of a language

Google is working on making translation available for many languages, so how your language fairs...

Google Translation Console

Google: New Service

Google New Service

Something completely new, unpublished, and by Google. However, its most likely just a template... :(

Also, what is this..

Google Apps for Ohio State?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How to kill interest in something: Charge for it

So now you have that great (invention | product | website | service | other) that has been offered for free, and people think very highly of it. What do you do next?

==The Solution==
Start charging for it.

WinTV has purchased the rights to broadcast English Premier League soccer. They basically converted a free broadcast on television into a paid-subscription channel.

==The business mind attitude to accomplish it==
Prime example of business at work is Song Zheng

"Let's say goodbye to free Premier League. No more free lunch in the future."

"Fans can enjoy the games in various convenient ways," he said. "There's only one premise -- pay."

Step up to the next level in becoming the devil by taking a free service and "killing" it by making people pay for it without adding any value to the service.

Unfortunately for those who have worked to promote the English Premier league, they have cut millions of Chinese fans off from becoming fans. ohh yeah, AND the competing leagues of europe are still broadcast for free in China.

So, if Gmail were to lock out all users from logging in until they pulled out their credit card, then I guess there is that hotmail thing, or email isn't really that important.

{is this somehow innovation?}