Sunday, October 23, 2005

Trading big bucks for OSU bucks

I've finally come to my senses.

It sucks having to leave Cleveland. Right now I have a nice job at Jackson Hewitt as their lead Network Technician, that means I supervise 30+ networks and keep an eye on 300+ computers. Its a big job, but I scale myself to handle it, and I'm a professional. Things would go on if I stayed in Cleveland through the winter, the world would turn, I would even make alot of money. I can't do it.

Instead this Winter, (January 3rd 2006 to be exact) I transfer to Ohio State, I mean The Ohio State. How freaking sweet is that.

Flickr Photo I've seen the future, and its scarlet and grey.

Cleveland is my comfort zone, and ... I need to step out of it. Giving up money is not hard to do, so long as it allows me to pursue my passion.

Here's a response I got today after talking to my friend Matt. It's a bit of my inspiration to just about drop everything and go head first.

Braxio187: on
my website, under the ideas tab, i have this idea for a handheld device
that does everything from playing videos to surfing the web. In between
that you can have your textbook loaded into a pdf in there and read
through this thing, press a button and its your notebook and jot down
things, also call mommy and tell her to wire money down to you, which
you could then use your handheld as a credit card

TARHEELxxx: jesus christ pete, when did u become a compueter genius
Braxio187: ever since i broke my leg in the sack race on field day at St. Albert.
TARHEELxxx: hahahahaha

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