Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Time to yourself

'Tis nice to have some time to yourself. I recently inherited the doghouse from my girlfriend. We had spent the entire weekend together and I didn't call her for two days, and to her that meant that I was schleping around. I got a few days vacation out of the ordeal, so I'm not going to complain. I recently learned of the torrent system, which is amazing, or should I leave it at having capabilities of being amazing. I am amazed at how a day can slip out of control with little (or no) effort. In one of my classes we are to do a project, and my idea was to cover the topic of urban sprawl and how it is harming our communities, but I slept in today and showed up a half hour late, and they had been complaining to one another that they couldn't find any material. Ohh how I just want them to see how wrong they are. I know it wasn't a personal decision, but I was feeling so. In an overachievers fashion I desire to accidentally find mucho material which would have made the project a cake walk. Now we have assumed the lame assignment of seasonal retail boom as a result of the holidays, and I am covering how advertising has transformed the holidays from a religious aspect of life to one of a commercialized capitalist nightmare.

I've done some thinking. I would enjoy being single, I could get used to not have to follow the routine of the cycle. Sure it helps to have a healthy routine and the sex is great, but I just want the challange of meeting people. I feel learning how to meet people, socialize and so forth is a far greater life skill than hiting the g-spot and lasting for an hour, or going multiple times. But perhaps I am a misguided dork.

Current Music: Incubus - Zee Deveel

My life: recorded

My life before this point, has prepared to reach this point in my life.

One of the goals I am looking for through the blogging system is to one, improve my memory, recollection of past events could unlock memories. I would also like to notice trends in my life and to gain something from it. Another promising aspect of the blog would be to understand all of my deja-vu. Something I fall prey to every once in a blue moon. Also on certain occasions I make breakthroughs in my life, the ahh haa moment where I discover something very deep and a tear rolls down my eye. A happy tear.