Thursday, September 22, 2005

Holy hell is it raining

I am in Cleveland, OH and we are getting one hell of a storm right now. There is so much activity in the clouds. Thunder, lightning, rain, wind, wow. It is comforting to be inside, but I wonder what living through such conditions must be like. Also, I feel bad being home on a Thursday night, but hard work leads to a deserved payoff.

I feel like running through the storm like when I was a child. It is sweet, the flash of the world followed by the snap of everything being ripped to two. Ohh it is so powerful. Once I rode my bike (bicycle) home in a nasty storm and everytime I saw lightning I feared that the thunder was going to hit me and throw me off my bike. (My physics skills where not as polished back then) Also there was this little kid in the front yard acting like the weatherman, walking around with a wooden spoon and a walkie talkie, giving the 411 to those on the inside. Well word, I am that weather man, this is my walkie talkie, and I'm out for my first-hand take.