Sunday, November 25, 2007

My two cents on Word Press / Customizing 'PressRow'

WordPress is pretty cool. It is pretty feature rich, and allows alot of customization. You can also install it on a site, and it is your blog. Similar to blogspot, but it has more features.

Anyways I was messing with the press row theme today, and I wanted to have a top menu where each page could be clicked on, and have the black background when it is clicked on.

to do so. I used some html/css trickery

like the following

<div id="page" class=<? wp_title('',true); ?>>

<div id="header">

<h1><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a></h1>

<div id="nav">


<li><a class="blog" href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>">home</a></li>

<li><a class="Biography" href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/biography/">biography</a></li>

<li><a class="Prosecuted" href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/prosecuted-cases/">prosecuted cases</a></li>

<li><a class="Endorsements" href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/endorsements/">endorsements</a></li>

<li><a class="Photo" href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/photo-gallery/">photo gallery</a></li>

<li><a class="Get" href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/get-involved/">get-involved</a></li>

<li><a class="Contact" href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/contact/">contact</a></li>



And wordpress will use the page name as the link, use the css of that page name, and you're all set. Also, be sure to edit your stylesheet too.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

OSU Email under attack

As you can see, the word Mail Bomb kinda of sticks out

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

if ( ) { new Scholarship CSE@OSU; }

I've got some cool ideas for Google's new mobile operating platform; but I would also feel compelled to give out any earnings from winning to draw more people into Computer Science at my school. I mean not everyone knows what Open Source is...

Official Google Blog: Calling all developers: $10M Android challenge

A project I thought of that might be out of my league would be to create an instant replay system for people at live sporting events, such as Ohio State's football game vs Illinois. I'm always wishing I could rewatch what just happened, such as a penalty or a catch out of bounds, but the JumboTron Maestro refuses to put on any replays.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Drupal Hack:: Show users email addresses

I was looking through all the spam registrants of a drupal site I maintain. Alot of usernames of zhzjshsk are very suspicious, and also emily and kate, and worst of all, sorry russia, but email addresses from .ru are HUGE sources of spam. Doesn't your country have a valid source of revenue? Can't you just up the production of vodka a little? I don't think stoli sales are as high as they could be.

Anyways, I modified my modules/user.module so that when in the administrative mode of view my users I can see certain info at a glance.

username, email address, status, member since, last online, ...

It doesn't have built in showing of email address, so I hacked modules/user.module to give that feature.

function user_admin_account() {
$header = array(
array('data' => t('Username'), 'field' => ''),
array('data' => t('Email'), 'field' => 'u.mail'),

array('data' => t('Status'), 'field' => 'u.status'),
array('data' => t('Member for'), 'field' => 'u.created', 'sort' => 'desc'),
array('data' => t('Last access'), 'field' => 'u.access'),
$sql = 'SELECT u.uid,, u.mail, u.status, u.created, u.access FROM {users} u WHERE uid != 0';
$sql .= tablesort_sql($header);
$result = pager_query($sql, 50);

$status = array(t('blocked'), t('active'));
while ($account = db_fetch_object($result)) {
$rows[] = array(theme('username', $account),
format_interval(time() - $account->created),
$account->access ? t('%time ago', array('%time' => format_interval(time() - $account->access))) : t('never'),
l(t('edit'), "user/$account->uid/edit", array()));

Ubunut Studio -- An ubuntu linux distro for multimedia gurus

I was pretty much way off on this one. I had thought Ubuntu Studio was going to be a killer sweet multimedia app to compete with the likes of Adobe CS3 and mac iLife. But instead it is an entire customized operating system for multimedia production.

I'm fairly certain that I'm going to be distributing discs of this distro, in addition to gutsy for mac and pc.

It is maintained by the Ubuntu Community, especially as far as operating system enhancements are concerned, so this isn't a dead fork in the road; but rather an expansion that grows off the same Ubuntu/Canonical root.

I kinda wanted an application to show up in add/remove programs that would just pull in some great multimedia apps.

I would suggest that ubuntu give you the option to transform your OS as you need it. Stupid suggestion given that it is already an open environment, since you can do that anyways. But perhaps a button that enables you to revert back to the base install of Gutsy, or to transform into Edubuntu, or Kubuntu, or over to Ubuntu Studio.

Anywhere.FM + an FTP server full of music + WebDrive == Awesomeness

I had a minor dilemma this morning. And the day before as well. I had alot of music that I've uploaded to my (ftp) server and I wanted to bring it in to my profile.

1) Download all my ftp music back to my hard drive, and then use the uploader for the music that is back on my hard drive.
2) Emulate the ftp server as a mounted drive (in windows) and tell to scan that mounted server.
3) option 3 is not very feasible because i would have had to install the uploader tool on the shared server which runs linux, that I have no authority to install programs on. but it could be a nice project if i were a genius with nothing better to do.

I chose to use WebDrive and emulate a w:\ as and then use the uploader to scan it for new tracks. There is a lot of file movement, but I'll update this when it works.. or even if it didn't work.

The Future now of music

A good buddy of mine, Paul Betts had a posting that music no longer should be tied to us, ergo Voyager sans bagage. Autotranslated into english english.. we don't need to carry 8,16,30,100 gigs of music on us. We just need to be able to grab what we need when we need it.

{insert modern graphic of an ipod that has been damaged, and a headphone sucking wireless music out of the air}

The NOW of music is that we have an interesting web app called Anywhere.FM . You essentially upload all of your music that you are currently toting around with you, and fragmentally residing on all of your computers and consolidate it beautifully through a more or less fantastic interface. Your music plays through the player, and you would no longer need to touch your mp3 files again.

The FUTURE of music...
We however do not have our uMachine; our uBiquitous, uNiversal Machine. When you go for a drive in your car, we don't (I don't) have an internet connection feeding websites to my radio. So if we could get this wonderful (perhaps existing as an iPhone) internet-fed poly-purpose {not just multimedia} device that we can dock into our car's headunit, we then pass the modern test of making progress with our lives, our music, our overall doing something more.. which is a greater act than just doing some more.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Culture

...there is no good culture without people trying something new...

otherwise, that is heritage

My thinking is that a people cannot preserve their exact lifestyle without taking away from their culture. A tradition is a custom that continues from generation and regenerates with the coming generation. But a culture that locks its place in stone is inheriting a tradition of frozenness; a trait that alters their original intention of preserving their culture.

Man changes each day. A culture that denies changes moves from its base of nature and shifts away from natures natural process of change.. Perhaps like a stone sliding.. sliding over a cliff slowly and slowly and then falls in when it no longer has any base in reality.

Monday, October 01, 2007

OSU is #4??!!??

I can't believe it, we're good.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Learn from your users: make feedback EASY

If you're website is so great, then you've just admitted that you think your website is so great. Often times those who use your website, the users, could have something very useful for you, their idea of how the page could be better. They're like a team of developers ready to work for you for free. And yet many company's websites make the feedback form damn-near-impossible to find.

Therefor my Gold Star of the day goes to Adobe! For although Dreamweaver mysteriously leaves this xyiznwsk temp directory on my servers and is causing horrible network latency problems and hosing up my machine, they can blame that on Macromedia, and learn if I needed to provide them useful feedback, like "Frontpage is better". I did however, not leave any feedback.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

HOWTO: OSU Forward CSE email

I thought I would start the quarter off right and let anyone know how to forward their unix emails away with one short command. This is not tricky, its not complex, and it was very easy to do.

Simply create a file called .forward in your home directory, and the only thing contained in that file is the email address for all your emails to be forwarded to.

echo > .forward should do it...

the picture is for those who can't read so well

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

People who speel excessively bad

I don't mean to poke fun at those who need to visit sites like because they definately have some typos in forums. But when I get a forwarded email about something that is a hoax/urban legend ( and after checking the TO: to see how many victims were made. I see my name is spelled wrong. The email address is correct i before e except after c, but the last name. mmm..

I guess we are just more sensitive when its personal.

FYI, I was told by a teknolog that if a company deliberately gave consistent results, i.e. search result response times, that were even inflatedly consistant, customers did not complain. The claim was that people don't want better, faster, more, they really just want predictable.

I challenge that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lotus Designer Tip: Attach Documents to Forms

Users have been entering information into a database running in Lotus Notes for some time, and now they would like to attach documents to it. All this time, I've been mostly clueless as to how to do it, reading somewhere that it only works when viewed through the web browser, and then giving up for a while.

But to allow users to upload/attach files to your form, just create a rich text field... thats it.

I was pretty amazed at the simplicity of that. Nothing tricky. Just to not keep secrets, I additionally changed a setting on the control tab of field properties, under storage, I set it to "Store contents as HTML and MIME", just for possible future compatibility.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Fratellis: New Album?

The Fratellis New Album Drops November 6, 2007
One of the lines from The Fratellis, "I knew you best a a blagger", kinda in my head runs like I knew you best as a blogger. Ask me your name, is it tweet, my name is dagger...

Anyways, The Fratellis are super fun, I've seen them at Virgin Festival in Baltimore, and can't wait to see them again.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Open Letter to the Post Office: Go away

I'm not a fan of collecting stamps, finding envelopes, licking glue, and going to the post office to send something that has every other reason to be done online. If I were one with the political clout to affect change, I would begin by charging a tax on mailbox fees. Very analogous to the way people already pay for water or electricity. Some people have costs in generating the service, why not pay to use the service. I haven't quite figured out if it should be per parcel or per quantity, but those who choose to do business by snail mail need to cut it out.

I'm sure Google/MSN/Yahoo/other email providers are great employers who give their employees off for holidays, it doesn't mean they shut down and their services are unavailable for an entire long weekend. My beef is that to send a mail, one must go through such a hassle, that its just a pain.

Not to mention, its slow.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Redesigning Transport

I was trying to nap before I went in to work tonight, but I couldn't because its really weird to make your body sleep at like 9pm, especially because i drink alot of that hot black deliciousness.

Anyways, the wild mind of mine says this: Redesign transport!!

Its saying, flying is perfectly fine, you can choose any route, get to any location with a decent size airport.. and then what. Sure we have taxi's, but I'm looking for something cheap, and for the masses.

A while back, I had this idea about tubes, creating a bullet speed system that used tubes powered through some type of vacuum/suction system that would essentially not have a "speed limit". That idea will work great for some type of metro area or high density long haul. The kicker to that is you create the interface that works ubiquitously to the user. User gets into a unit/platform/cage/great glass elevator/cage and then hits a few buttons on their computer thing, and the gears start spinning and xx minutes later they arrive at the destination. All the routing handled by the system.

Angie didn't want to hear anything more about the tubes, she really shot that down.

Next thought is this type of modular vehicle system. Redesign our vehicles so that all vehicles start from a common interface, such as it just all builds upon a chassis that is customizable on the fly. (what?)
So the vehicle is the drive train/ wheels / steel beams and such. The steering and speed control is all just a computer, that the user can interact with. The beauty, is that say the chassis has 10 units of capacity, and any of our modular extensions can be used on it. (contained cargo(liquid, or refrigerated...), loose cargo(boxes, ups stuff), people container, special purpose (mail delivery apparatus, law enforcement apparatus, garbage collection, Monster drink distribution apparatus, loud ass speaker setup, mobile video recording/broadcasting),...)

And say they all just like plug into the platform, and take up a certain amount of its units of capacity, so when you need to go from the airport to your technical high school to give a presentation to the class and the teacher about how you've got all this knowledge/craziness to impart upon them, you can pull up on your mobile computer and say I need to get from current location to some destination, it will pull up some routes that are obtained by other's routes that they are taking (obtainable by the computer that operates each vehicle). And gives you nearest vehicle with empty passenger compartment, that you can walk to, and get in. As you need to get to your destination, your vehicle begins on its way, but is likely going somewhere that is not your destination, so it can go along its way, and the computer routes your route, and as you near a vehicle that actually is going to somewhere closer to your destination, some highspeed vehicle transfer happens, and the two vehicles travel exactly parallel to each other, and your compartment slides into the vehicle with extra capacity, and takes you yet closer to your destination...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Difficult things in life...

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do in a given day, might be filling a water bottle all the way, when you really have to go to the bathroom. Not just the periodic bathroom break, but the "I accidentally drank three cups of coffee this morning while reading the paper, and now have to pee like a small child for the rest of the day" kind of bathroom break.

I made it about 3/4 of the way..

{UPDATE} Not I made it 3/4 of the way, I only got 3/4 of the way with the bottle.

Web surfing feature request

Attn: Firefox / Youtube devs

I think Opera took care of this one, but I could use some side-by-side web surfing. I clicked on a Youtube video, and its about 50 minutes, so I'm going to continue watching it. In the meantime, I need to access some data on another page. I like having a single web-browser open, because I only need a single search bar, but to do both I need a second window; tabs can't be both open. Maybe I'm spoiled because of Google chat can pop-out. So this feature request distilled would be to take a snapshot, or select a certain section of the page, in particular, something like videos, and to be able to drag them off screen and they will continue playing at the same point, without any disruption.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gmail Videos

Open Wireless

As a society, our technological abilities so much limited by technology and its technical limitations, but rather policies in place.

In honor of the irony of what has made America what it is (our beloved capitalist society) and some of things that got the ball rolling (public works, TVA) it turns out that America at the core is not capitalism, but just a really bad implementation of a decent idea (our democracy), but so far its been the best we could do.

Enter {beloved technology}*, and their wild commitments to pushing technology, and their rapid growth, and their astonishing advancements to technology, and this all leads to bettering humanity and the world at large. (perhaps, atleast in terms of technology)

So that prototype phone, sounds like an open network needs a device to access it.


Monday, July 30, 2007

My Latest Technovation: Alarm Socks

Loud annoying alarm clocks got you down? Yeah, I know its actually the ever present foggy, misty, wetness in your car that the defroster can't get rid of.

But for mornings when you don't really care that your alarm is ringing and you fight for just five more minutes of peace and slumber. You might as well be getting a foot massage while you ignore your morning wakeup.

Introducing, Alarm Socks, another great technovation from the company that brought you that wicked cool google maps mashup that you can pull real-time information from within your car of traffic, maps, navigations, weather, local businesses, other vehicles supporting the common chatting service, picture swapping, and the mobile marketplace.

In a recent interview with founder Peter Pants, Mr. Pants was quoted as saying, "With all the other great technology companies out there competing in the 'hyperlocal' sector, theres just nothing more local than your feet". There's no word as to whether or not Pants Industries, more commonly known as Eclectech:Technologies, thoughts, ideas... will still work on other hi-tech systems that involve coding, computers, internets, and users, but for now, we know that Mr. Pants will wake up every morning, and his feet will thank him.

Technical details of the Alarm Socks:
One size fits all
Requires surgical implantation of electrical node in leg (to power the socks, and to sense for the optimal time to wake up the user based upon REM sleep stage)
Optional time setter to set the time you wish to be woken up requires uMachine (sold separately)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

omg omg... I'm so happy.. Google Rocks

Google stock has reached astronomical highs this week. They did lose some 7% earlier this week after missing their profit goal by 2%, but that is actually my fault. No really. Google builds their entire platform around growth, that why they can afford to drop a billion dollars on YouTube, or offer the FCC $4.6B or was it $6.4B these small numbers get confusing, I mean whats a decimal point multiplied a few billion? Oh... wow... Wow!!

Anyways, this is a story about me, and my personal relationship to Google. {By the way, I'm the only person who reads this blog. The fact that GoogleBot reads it too, kinda makes me smile sometimes.} So today, I was busily working, or busily reading, or busily almost working, or busily almost reading. I was busy, so I never had a chance to read my rss feeds in firefox. Big Mistake.

After getting home today, and pacing around the block a few times, and having a drink, because after all its healthy nowadays to have a drink every day, I log into the computer and see "what is up". This fun activity involves web browsing, putting readers to sleep, and... and... reading the google blog. My bad, The Official Google Blog. Or as I call it,
The Word, according to Google.

Umm, today Google went nuts, or at the least, their publishing and marketing groups went nuts. Their blog had at least three new story, and they were all awesome. Sorry Ramen noodle guy, but these were really good stories. I watched the video of Eric Schmidt talk to governors about the role of technology in our lives and education... Pretty fascinating. So alot, alot, alot of good features for researchers, and this awesome video for Gmail, and that was what I would call overload. And I came up with an idea for my own addition to the Gmail video.. Hopefully something becomes of it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last night reading 1

A thought pops in my head, Google rocks, and Wikipedia is an awesome way to organize our information, would they mesh well? That idea's already been taken, and the domain, is owned by Google. Next...

So while on Wikipedia, I'm looking up Gin and Tonic to see why they go together so handily. The answer has something to do with the British East India Company and Q-9. Right after filling my head with random facts, I see and I am finding myself questioning this article.

Alcohol, in moderation, is good for one's health?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spend less time waiting in line...

There seems to be no logic to waiting in lines. Thats why the internet, automation, and e-commerce rule the world. However, when you're going out to the club and the group in front of you "is not generally found attractive by the world at large" or perhaps "doesn't score high marks at hotornot" then you waiting behind them will wait and wait and wait. You can of course always kiss the doorman and slip him a 20.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Urinal Cakes

Why are those things in men's rooms called cakes? They smell like moth balls and I mean, who really wants a slice?

What if they offered flavors ... chocolate anyone?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

60 Votes - All-Nighter in the Senate

While I chose to spend yesterday swimming, eating, and finally drinking espresso at midnight to watch C-Span coverage of our Senators and their bitter debates instead of joining the political party in DC (pun intended).

I'm actually quite surprised by Ohio Senator George Voinovich. The honorable gentleman recently made his voice known that this war needs some direction and broke rank to declare that statement. Breaking rank must have broke his cool and he's now back to his republican core. I'll have to keep watching him to see if he has had a change in mind, or if this bill just wasn't right.

Now how about some votes for Internet Radio

Friday, July 13, 2007

Some pictures from my fourth

I was in DC for the fourth, and it rained. I thought it was fun though.

Monday, July 09, 2007

My pre Goog411w/maps adventure through DC

Ohh My God

I've become a very frequent user and advocate of Goog411, and I have felt the need for a map alongside the information. For an example of this follow this sort of dialogue:
Goog411: What city and state?
Me: Washington DC
G: {Washington DC}, What category?
Me: Swedish Embassy
G: {Swedish Embassy} Top 2 results, 1)Embassy of Sweden Library, 2)Embassy of Sweden
Me: Number two
G: Embassy of Sweden, located on K Street Northwest and W.

Here's where a map is great, I'm a total n00b to DC, I've been through the town a couple of times and I understand the Metro very well, in fact, I love DC's metro, but thats besides the point, I'm on foot. I know the Metro, I know landmarks, I know where The White House is, I know where The Washington Monument is, I know where Foggy Bottom is, I know where Georgetown is, I know where Adam's Morgan is. Maybe I'm a little beyond the total n00b, but still very fuzzy.

The map said K St NW, I was at A or B, which means K was A,B,...,J,K blocks away. I'm starting from the US Capitol, because the Forth of July celebrations are delaying on account of rain. It also said something undecipherable like W. K and W don't unnecessarily meet. Letters go from north and south, and numbers go from east to west. Details said the address was 2900 K St, and when I went A,B,... all the way to K, I found I was at First Street also. This 2900 is the same as 29th. It was a very long walk.

So long and sketchy, that I met a prostitute soliciting her services along the way. Goog411 with maps might have helped choose a better way to get there. So I'm looking forward to using it.

Official Google Blog: 1-800-GOOG-411: now with maps

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ride the 4th my DC Metrorail map

Google Map of DC Metrorail

If your already my technologisk then I am, this is merely a lame attempt at making the Metro system incorporate into easy use. Those mobile users out there can go to and see this, and it perhaps has times of when the next train comes in. This one I came up with allows you basically so see where stations are so if your using google maps for your planing anyways, this could help you see where things are. ..this still needs alot of work, but its perhaps usable to someone in its current condition. I mean its already helped me find the closest station.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bye Tony

After hearing about Tony Blair's departure from the Prime Ministership, I just had to watch the archived footage of Questions to the Prime Minister. It was good, all the other parliament members praised him for his ten years of service, and Mr. Soundbite himself even sounded a bit emotional as he sounded his final words.

However everyone kept things funny, and Blair even made the joke about he really didn't care too much about the Church of England. Silly British humor, or should I say humour...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Preparations for Summer Internship: Get Productive

While I won't call myself a slacker, I will say that I haven't been working out three times a week, reading the newspaper, eating breakfast, doing laundry, calling home, reading books, or looking at stars. So in an attempt to save myself from dying a life where I'm not recognized as being a major influence in my field, or where my grandkids are playing their playstation 7's instead of listening to my stories of life, the universe, everything, I shall make some tweaks. I mean its very hard to say that you haven't had enough time to finish your assignment, when you've been at the lab for 6 hours, but instead of quality time spent duktigly debugging a lab, or reading the next chapter, you instead read the internet, almost all of it.

1) Read an hour a day. This goes outside of currently assigned reading. I'm thinking those Safari technology books that we as students have full access to.

2) Have the discipline to finish everything I set my mind on.

Once all other goals have been met...
3) Create massive amounts of websites so that the internet is that much better.

Summer Internship starts in less than a month, and I feel like I want forever to get ready.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ohio State webmail vs Gmail: Make the Switch

Official Who uses Ohio State's webmail? Gmail is the way to go.

Ohio State (OSU)'s webmail system is... I don't know, I don't use it anymore. I use gmail.

Notice how the last message to pass through webmail is from August of 2005, almost a year and half ago from this post.

Ever since I made the switch (and changed my email address from non-gmail) email has been all that much better. I would encourage Ohio State, and every other institution, group, company that provides its own in-house email to make the switch also. Unless your IT staff has its own email system which competes against the likes of Gmail, ie email integration with database servers and desktop integration that is unobtrusive while keeping employees from wasting hours working out technical issues, I would recommend Gmail for everyone.

If you are an OSU student using OSU's webmail, here's how to make the switch too.
1) Get gmail!
2) Have osu forward your webmail to your new -> account management -> email -> Change delivery -> forward email to your new
3) [OPTIONAL] Create a label and filter in gmail which allow you to see which emails were destined for which inboxes.
4) [OPTIONAL] Add Send mail as to gmail, through Settings -> Account -> Send Mail As

The inbox count shows that there are many many emails that I'll never read, and never have to read. I could list all the great features, but you could just watch a video of google engineers showing off the latest features.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Driftnet: Your guide to network spydom

I was browsing freshmeat ( a repository for software projects) and noticed an interesting project that allows you, the network administrator, to look at the network request streams that match as image files. This allows you to see what images are also being looked at over the network. I think this is pretty crafty, and the interface looks pretty neat, but I see this almost as a keylogger.

I've seen White Ninja, the one with Chris Farley, which tells me that you're not going to know someones full story by wearing a blindfold as you drive around the city, wait no, it's gotta be your blindfold.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Gmail is Down!

The first time in a long time for me, Firefox can't find the server at

Completely mind blowing, you never know how obsessed you are to gmail, until your server is down. Perhaps their new commercials on youtube are proving to be overwhelming? In any case I'm not going to have any email to check, yes!!!

In the meantime, why not visit my favorite place to buy Aromatherapy products at Natural Options Aromatherapy

Monday, January 15, 2007

Using your PS3 to view your local network

The ps3 is way up there as far as potential goes, however the cool things it can do need to be unlocked or rather manipulated to get some benefit. I've found a way to use your ps3 to browse your computers on your local network, and so far I've been able to pull off songs, videos, movies, and pictures. Here's how.

1: Install a web server on your pc.
2: Configure that webserver to share your files
3: Point your PS3's web browser to your computers IP address (
4: Optimize your files for ps3 viewing / streaming. (in progress)

I installed apache on the computer, and then configured it to share the F:\ as the document root. Now all requests for respond with the directory structure of F:\
I also added virtual directories because there are some files in c:\program files\bitlord\downloads which I aliased to respond as To do this look on the internet for setting up a virtual drive for apache, and then create the folder bitlord on F:, and leave it empty. And so long as the alias is correct will respond with c:\program files\bitlord\downloads instead of f:\bitlord.

My next step is to encode all the video files to be in the proper format to be played on the ps3. I have mpeg's and avi's that the PS3 doesn't recognize, so I will encode all of them to flash (flv) so that they can be played streaming over the ps3. This still doesn't work yet, I got audio to work, but not video (ugghh).

The next update will include details for my setup, screenshots, and hopefully flash fully encoded and working.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

roll the OSU vs Florida dice ten more times, and it would never be as bad as BCS'07

Columbus is almost fully recovered, in the sense that we no longer need a Tylenol and large glass of water just to shake out the "what the hell happened last night" blues.

We took the "severe beating of a college football team" when we lined up across the field from Florida. My roommate Ryan, the biggest cheerleader the bucks have got who with 10 minutes to go in the game was not giving up. I wanted to believe our Buckeyes would bounce right back, I also wanted to turn off the television. Children should not have had to watch that game, that roommate Ryan went into tears for an entire night... apparantly its not fair, and Florida's not even that good.

We made them look good, and thats not fair.