Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The End of Carporate Welfare

Brief History: The highway system was created with federal funds to build out the infrastructure of an interconnected nation. Maintenance and upkeep was to paid for with proceeds from the gas tax. Federal (non-gas-tax) dollars have continued to pour in, and now, gas tax / user tax accounts for just over half of the cost of these roads. Shortcomings to the funding model include:
--increased vehicle efficiency (reducing the amount of gas tax collected per mile)
--increased cost of road repairs (due to the increased cost of asphalt a petroleum based product, and the increased cost of fuel needed to power road maintenance equipment)
--increased road damage from heavy vehicles
--legacy of underfunded infrastructure problems (bridge repairs)
--fact that gas tax is not keeping pace with inflation

Problem: The road and highway system has skyrocketing costs, and no revenue to match those costs to balance the DoT budget.

My fair Solution: Implement a usage fee for the roads.

Details: Every million dollar highway onramp,  offramp, third lane, or 21st lane wasn't free, and upon entering the highway, thus begins a ticker counting the miles, the level of congestion, and each multi-million dollar bridge in need of expensive maintenance crossed that is tallied and added to a vehicle's monthly bill. It will be cheaper to use the road when snow trucks don't need to plow it, it will be cheaper to use it when there is less congestion, cheaper for small and lightweight vehicles which cause light road wear, but it will be more expensive if you're vehicle is so heavy is causes dollars of damage to the road and bridges each mile. Perhaps causing some to reconsider using the highways due to how "cheap" it is.

Essentially, all highways become toll roads, and heavily used roads will have the money to repair themselves, and users pay for what they get, as opposed to charging non-users. But we're all users, as the groceries being delivered the the grocer via truck will have the modified transportation cost factored into the cost of the goods. But general taxes could fall as tax dollars don't have to chase after our roads. Since payment for the roads are grounded in the reality of "this is the value according to users based on usage, this is the revenue brought in, this much of my maintenance is paid for just be usage, the rest can be from gas tax, and if the remainder goes unfunded, that road shrinks and more heavily used roads expand and improve where appropriate". A bridge to nowhere wouldn't need the data of a feasibility study to suggest its shovel-readyness if it doesn't have the money from user fees in the area to expand the road system.

City streets / surface streets can have a monitoring mechanism that tracks which users are going over their intersections, tacking on a minimal cost for usage of roads. Money goes towards municipality responsible for upkeep of that road.

Hidden Agenda (exposed): I believe in natural selection, the free market, or rather natural efficiency of certain modes of transportation. Some have a competitive advantage, that can't be expressed to an inferior, but highly subsidized alternative. My thinking is that transit and rail can be clear winners, once the true costs of transportation are factored in. Which gets me closer to my goal of being able to nap, read, socialize, drink, or program while commuting, instead of defending myself from all the bad drivers on the road who put other's lives at risk. Secondarily, to save the planet, the country from economic failure, and improve the quality of life. There is probably some very cool people traveling from where you're coming from, and where you're going to, but if we all live in aluminum bubbles enclosed and separated from each other, we become isolated, and less social, which is the opposite of what people are supposed to be really good at doing.

Counter argument to rural areas that won't have the numbers to support their highways: There's nothing I love more than undisturbed nature, and nothing I hate more than urban sprawl. I would say dirt roads are pretty cheap, and that people are mighty happy bumping around in their heavy duty pickup trucks. Why not leave them some terrain to "off-road" it. Goods/grains/cereals can be shipped via short line rail from the rural areas to the denser areas for sale and distribution. If you live in the rural area, you're not supposed to be going to the city every day, and city folk, they don't go to the country every day. A nice scenic drive is good for the soul, and good for photographs.

Implementation Ideas for said plan:
1) Cameras on highway onramps and offramps that scan the license plate
2) EZPass embedded into every onramp and offramp, every city intersection with a signal.
3) GPS integrated with the vehicle to upload driving data to Department of Transportation.

Those who use the roads/highways, pay for the roads/highways.

Informational Assistance: Now that the drive has a cost, in addition to the price of fuel, this opens the door for Google Maps to integrate the cost of tolls/fees into your driving directions, so that motorists, and businesses alike can better plan for what is better for them. Are roads really faster AND cheaper than bus/train/plane/biking/walking. And takes some power out of earmarking bureaucrats from mismanaging funds, by linking expenditures with revenue.

Last word: This levels the subsidized playing field for businesses and people to choose the most efficient (cost, time, safety, ...) of all modes of transportation. I also see this reducing the cost to the state, local, and federal taxpayer, as the cost for our roadways shifts to those using them. Truckers may be in favor of this in the sense that their barrier to entry, registration fees, can go down, as the road maintenance fees don't need to come from vehicle inspections, but from miles driven. It can also reduce the amount of petroleum consumed in the country, as we shift from driving to transiting.

Prove me wrong.

The image above is a 21 lane across highway freak of nature located at the Junction of I5 and I805 in San Diego

The points made have been researched, and are not simply unpublished personal findings, but the work of giants before me. I would be glad to quote sources upon request.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Open Journal Systems - error on document.login.password or document.login.username

I've made a bug fix for OJS (Open Journal Systems). Its a bug related to IE, and sometimes keeps users from being able to login.

Message: 'document.login.password' is null or not an object
or Message: 'document.login.username' is null or not an object
Line: 148
Char: 2
Code: 0
/templates/user/login.tpl on line 30
<form method="post" action="{url .... }" >

<form method="post" id="signIn" action="{url ... }" >

Then at roughly line 65 change the line about document.login.username to
document.getElementById("signIn").{if $username}password{else}username{/if}.focus();

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Repayment is the hardest part of student loans.

So now you've gotten a job, and are paying back your student loans, but you notice, not all loans are equal.

Loan1: $3000 @ 1.5%
Loan2: $4000 @ 4.0%
Loan3: $5000 @ 6.0%
Loan4: $1000 @ 8.0%

example: several loans, at varying interest rates. This example averages to $13,000 @ 4.5%

When you make payments, which loan would you like to choose to pay off first. That is not really an option available to the paybacker. If you do nothing, but make your payments, say a $1000 payment, then 1000/4 = $250 gets applied to each loan. Or, the better way would be to apply all $1000, to your most expensive loan, to knock it away.

Applying to most expensive loan: 12,000 @ 4.20%
Applying to all loans: 12,000 @ 4.46%

And thats one easy way how being smart, makes you save money. But to do this with student loans, it quite difficult and time consuming. This is a natural way to design a repayment system when you're the lender, but after every payment you make (online), you have to then send an email saying, hey, I want this to be applied to my most expensive loan. To which they [The Direct Loan Servicing Center] reply, um, we can't really do that, but we'll do something, and its going to take 7-10 days regardless.

To those who believe that the free market will have the solution, because I could use some innovation, and competition, hopefully someone with a decent enough website so I can make targeted payments.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Installing Google Plugin for Eclipse Galileo

This was interesting, a fresh install of the Google Plugin for a freshly installed Eclipse Galileo on a (near) freshly installed Ubuntu Karmic, and it was miserable.

My first attempt:
Ubuntu -> Add Software -> Eclipse (Galileo) -> Install
Eclipse -> Install New Software -> Google -> Plugin, SDK
, ...
org.eclipse.wst.sse.ui is missing error.
Luckily, others have noticed, and this steps you forward

Second attempt, same as the first, with the help from FAQ, then a new error:
An error occurred while installing the items
session context was:(profile=PlatformProfile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.provisional.p2.engine.phases.Install, operand=null --> [R]org.eclipse.ant.ui 3.4.1.v20090901_r351, action=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.touchpoint.eclipse.actions.InstallBundleAction).
The artifact file for osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.ant.ui,3.4.1.v20090901_r351 was not found.

Whats this: equinox, p2, ant.ui ??
I don't understand this, but with new eclipse comes new update manager (p2). And this is not going well.

Satisfies me attempt:
Uninstall Eclipse, delete /home/user/workspace, cry for 15 minutes, get coffee.
Synaptic Package Manager, click to install/reinstall pretty much everything that says [eclipse] or [gwt].
I selected: libgwt-user-java, libgwt-dev-java, eclipse, eclipse-*..., eclipse-plugin-cvs, reinstalled libequinox-osgi-java.

And then when I go into Eclipse->Install New Software, I select Google Plugin, restart, install the rest of the Google stuff, and I'm in business.

If asked, I don't know what to answer, whats harder, learning a new language, or learning to install the new language.

These are the repo's I used. -- I'm not sure this one was needed.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maven Issues

If you catch any of these errors below, trying to rebuild/install things with maven, I have a solution, that worked for me atleast.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/codehaus/plexus/embed/Embedder

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.codehaus.plexus.embed.Embedder

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/codehaus/plexus/embed/Embedder

My solution: In Ubuntu, just uninstall maven2 completely, and reinstall maven2.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three things not to do with the internet

Here is my wisdom and tales to pass on to future generations of web surfers. A word of caution to future internet users so that they don't make the same mistakes I did.

1) Do not try to type: svn co "The Internet", if it ever finishes, you won't have nearly enough time to fix it.

2) Unless you understand the consequences do not type: wget http://*

3) Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, type in to Google, [google]. Googling Google for [google] will be a sudden overload to the system, and then the rest of the world, who's internet you've just destoryed, will find you in real life, and say: "this is why we can't have nice things".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now on Windows 7

Windows 7,

I've finally made it. From the rave reviews I've heard from everyone, I was super excited to get onboard. All my friends were able to abandon their machines as they were and get going with the release candidate. I was not so fortunate. I love Ubuntu, it works super well about all of the time. So I also couldn't kick over to the RC, because I don't have a giant external hard drive to back everything up on. And as we've been sharing the computer, I'm not sure the woman would let me know immediately as soon as some of her files or settings, or Fallout3 character saves are missing.

Note: Find and copy your game-save files!!

Lastly, I was just recieved a Netgear wg111v3 wireless device (802.11g), which I needed for my desktop. The bad news, Netgear, or any responsible soul for this device doesn't have a Windows 7 driver for the wg111v3 device. The good news, is that you can still get the device to work with a minimum amount of hassle. But only if you're lucky of course.

My machine: Windows 7 64BIT
My wireless card: Netgear wg111v3

Problem: No driver for windows 7!!
Solution: Find a windows 7 driver for the chipset.

The chipset is Realtek RTL8187B. Though, as of this writing their website didn't have the latest Windows 7 drivers, but atleast the internets do.

I found the driver at some website:
Realtek RTL8187B Wireless LAN Windows 7 Driver v.62.1174

Note: it was a slow download, but better than no internets at all.

Once you get that file, launch the setup.exe, it fails to install on success. But you update drivers from device manager on your device, and choose have disk when looking to install the driver, and it resides in RTL8187B/Win7X64/net8187b.inf

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Legislation DIFF'ing

I'm interested in building an application to view diff's of legislation as they roll their way through the congress, and as they're amended over time. Recently the AIG bonus issue brought light to did so and so modify language that had been previously accepted so that some frankenstein loophole could be allowed. Well, computer programmers have very great tools for this. Its called diff. and there are some very nice gui's that have been built that makes one love to do version control.

Anyways, as new legislation comes out that modifies existing legislation.

Its very much a technical challenge just to comprehend what is being stated. Its like trying to understand the USA PATRIOT ACT. Sure it very much enhances our abilities as a nation, but I don't think that I as the guy in the control room trying to implement all the new features would be able to read the document.

Therefore, I am interested in piloting a project that takes these bills and tries to view them in a diff-like fashion.

For the uninitiated, diff is short for difference.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is The Church and The Pope racist?

The Pope on a recent visit to Africa has denounced the use of condoms. I would have to argue that there are many parts of Africa deeply affected by AIDS and HIV, and the goal should be to do anything that increases the percentage of the population that is not infected. Even if you're speaking to people with all the infrastructure necessary to follow your message, the youth of the developed world, the message of abstinence only, is less effective at getting through than the message of condom use[1]. My additional reason for this is that those who aren't getting the condoms are a good idea message, are even less likely to get the idea that sex is bad.

Therefore, assuming abstinence-only prevents the spread of the infection by 100%, less than 100% of the people will listen, thus the effectiveness of abstinence-only is only as effective as the percent of those who follow through with that message. The pope (or some cardinal) also said that condom use, as a means to reduce the spread of disease will be effective 87% of the time. Assuming 87% of people follow that advice, at a success rate of 87%, you have a blanket 75% of people who are now immunized against the infection. If 3/4 of the population follows through with the abstinence-only philosophy (which is a mighty high number), then you have a 75% protection from infection. If you count the 87 - 75 = 12% of people who agree with the condom message but don't agree with the abstinence message, then you have a bonus 12% * .87 = 10.4% of people who might also be protected from infection. So in my view abstinence-only education only leaves people vulnerable to infection.

According to US law, knowingly infection someone with the AIDS virus is a federal crime, perhaps somewhat equivalently, knowingly choosing a suboptimal strategy leaves you responsible for gap between effectiveness of the two strategies, therefore, by promoting a suboptimal strategy, the church, and the pope do not have a clean conscience when it comes to the best interests of their fellow man.

[1] D. Kirby, National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Emerging Answers: Research Findings on Programs to Reduce Teen Pregnancy, at 88 (May 2001) ("[T]here do not currently exist any abstinence-only programs with reasonably strong evidence that they actually delay the initiation of sex or reduce its frequency").

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stimulating Innovation of the Internet

Very shortly I will be canceling my Yahoo Account. It is not out of anger, or a direct response to some grievous error on their part, but rather, I'm making my stand to make the internet a better place.

As is competition, Yahoo has sadly lost the race on the internet frontier. I would declare them to be a stale-growth company, that is of the type that performs a spelling correction update cycle, as opposed to the create market leading applications or services growth and risks.

So to congratulate the internet on being as advanced as it is, I will officially close up my Yahoo account, thus signaling the practical death of Yahoo, it was central to the internet at the millennium, but now will likely live on as an AOL. A name with no certain future.

(As for grievous errors, they have struck me with their launchcast radio which I paid for, and it was the first time I was bitten by the auto-renewal bug. And most recently, Yahoo Domain / small business is certainly doomed to dissolve, as their domain registrar has raised the fee for a domain name to include a profit of 350%, or so.)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yahoo Fees: Part Duex

I thought I was upset with Yahoo's $3 skimming off the top last year. They've certainly redoubled their effort to achieve profitability. However, this severe a move is one that actually requires action. It might not be worth (an inefficient) half hour to transfer to a new host to save $3, but now, this is $25 bucks..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Microsoft Office Live Online

You can see how Microsoft has so completely closed its doors to the world. I mean look, _unless_you_use_what_they_say_you_can_ the doors of Microsoft are closed to the world.

(For the less developed senses out there, this ones pretty heavily laced.)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

My errosion of faith in Wikipedia

Either when my mind was less "quick", or when Wikipedia had stronger editorial control, I could read an article and believe what I read to be of high value.

However, things have changed. I have to remove graffiti just to read a story on wind turbines, some portions are in en-world, not en-us (by using metres, instead of meters, but really instead of feet). Also, the information is not organized according to logical means, mostly just a hodgepodge of information.


LARGEST - The world's largest turbines are manufactured by the Northern German companies Enercon and REpower. The Enercon E-126 delivers up to 6 MW, has an overall height of 198 m (650 ft) and a diameter of 126 meters (413 ft). The Repower 5M delivers up to 5 MW, has an overall height of 183 m (600 ft) and has a diameter of 126 m (413 ft).

TALLEST - The world's highest wind turbine of company DeWind is located in the Andes/Argentina to 4,100 metres (13,000 ft) above sea level. Turbine type D8.2 - 2000 kW / 50 Hz was used for that site. This turbine has a new drive train concept with a special torque converter (WinDrive) of the company Voith and a synchronous generator. The WKA was put into operation in December 2007 and has supplied the local gold mine with electricity since then.[16] [17]

NORTHERNMOST / SOUTHERNMOST - The turbine closest to the North Pole is a Nordex N-80 in Havøygavlen near Hammerfest, Norway. The ones closest to the South Pole are two Enercon E-30 in Antarctica, used to power the Australian Research Division's Mawson Station.[15]

POWER PRODUCTION - THE MOST PRODUCTIVE WIND TURBINE was Matilda located IN Gotland, Sweden. It produced a total of 61.4 GW·h in the 15 years it was active. That is more renewable energy than any other single wind power turbine had ever produced to that date. It was demolished on June 6, 2008.

Anyways, it used to be a serious tool (wikipedia) to me, but for doing any serious work, you definitely need to do your research and go elsewhere.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vista feedback submit form [link]

There it is. Send in your feedback to microsoft, especially with regards to vista.

Monday, January 12, 2009

USA PATRIOT Act in 3410 words

The USA Patriot Act is too long to read. I offer you a version of the original act, in a cleaned up fashion that is:
a) arranged in an orderly fashion
b) concisely removes duplicate information

a, a', aa, abatement, abettor, abiding, abilities, ability, able, about, above, abroad, abuse, abuses, accept, acceptance, accepts, access, accessed, accesses, accessible, accompanied, accompanying, accompanying', accomplishing, accomplishment, accordance, accorded, accordingly, account, account', accountholders, accounts, accrue, accrues, accurate, accused, achieve, acquire, acquired, acquires, acquiring, acquisition, across, act, act', act, acted, acting, action, action', actions, activities, activities', activity, activity', actor, acts, actual, added, adding, addition, addition', additional, address, addressing, adequate, adequately, adjudicated, adjudicating, adjusting, adjustment, administer, administered, administering, administers, administration, administrative, admiralty, admissibility, admissible, admission, admit, admitted, adopt, adopted, advances, advancing, advantages, adverse, adversely, advertisements, advice, advisable, advise, advisor, advisors, aerosolization, affairs, affairs', affect, affected, affecting, affects, affidavit, affiliate, affiliate', affiliated, affiliations, affirmative, afforded, affording, affords, afghanistan, aforesaid, after, after', again, against, age, agencies, agency, agency', agency's, agent, agent', agents, aggravated, aggregate, aggregating, aggressively, aggrieved, agreed, agreement, agreements, agrees, agricultural, aid, aided, aider, aiding, air, aircraft, airline, airlines, airplane, airports, alerts, alien, alien', aliens, alien's, all, all', alleged, alleging, allocated, allocation, allotted, allow, allowed, allowing, allows, along, also, alternate, amend, amended, amending, amendment, amendments, america, american, americans, america's, among, amount, amounts, an, analog, analyses, analysis, analytic, analytical, analyze, ancillary, and, and', and, anger, annual, annually, anonymity, another, anti, antidrug, antiterrorism, any, any', anything, anywhere, app, apparatus, appeal, appeals, appear, appears, appendix, applicability, applicable, applicant, applicants, applicant's, application, applications, applied, applied', applies, apply, applying, appoint, appointed, appointment, appropriate, appropriated, appropriation, appropriations, approval, approved, approving, approximately, appurtenances, appurtenant, april, arab, arbitration, are, areas, arising, arm, armed, arms, around, arrangement, arrangements, arrest, arrested, arrests, arson, art, article, articles, articulable, as, ascertain, asia, aside, assassination, assault, assaults, assembled, asserting, assess, assessment, assessments, asset, assets, assigned, assignment, assist, assistance, assistant, assister, assisting, associate, associated, association, assurance, assurances, assure, assuring, at, atomic, attached, attached', attack, attacked, attacks, attempt, attempted, attempting, attempts, attendants, attest, attorney, attributes, audit, auditing, audits, august, authorities, authority, authorization, authorization', authorize, authorized, authorized', authorizes, authorizing, automated, automatic, automatically, availability, available, avoid, award, awarded, b, b', background, backgrounds, backlog, backpack, bank, banking, banks, bank's, barred, barter, based, bases, basic, basis, basle, bb, be, beards, bearer, bearing, because, become, becoming, been, been', before, began, begin, beginning, begun, behalf, being, beings, believe, believed, believes, belong, belonging, beneficial, beneficiaries, beneficiary, benefit, benefits, bequests, best, better, between, beyond, bigotry, bilateral, bill, billing, bin, bio, biochemical, biological, biometric, bioterrorism, bioterrorist, birthday, black, bliley, block, board, bodily, bombing, bona, bond, bonds, books, border, border', border, both, both', boundaries, branch, branches, break, bribery, brief, bring, broad, broadly, brokers, brought, budgetary, buildings, bulk, burden, bureau, burn', business, business', business
, businesses, businesses', businesses, but, by, c, c', cabinet, cable, calendar, call, called, callous, calls, camera, cameras, can, cannot, cap, capabilities, capability, capacities, capacity, captain, captures, capturing, card, care, carried, carry, carrying, case, case', cases, cash, cataloguing, catastrophic, cause, cause', caused, causes, causing, cc, cease, center, center', centers, center's, central, centralized, certain, certificate, certificates, certification, certifications, certified, certify, cessations, cftc, chairman, chairmen, challenge, challenges, change, changes, changing, channel, chapter, chapters, characterized, charge, charged, charitable, charter, check, checked, checks, chemical, chemical', chief, child, children, child's, circuit, circuits', circulate, circumstance, circumstances, circumvent, cited, citizen, citizens, citizen's, citizenship, civil, civilian, claim, claimant, claims, clandestine, clarification, clarifications, clarify, class, classes, classification, classified, classify, clause, clauses, clear, clearance, clearly, clerical, clerk, clients, clinical, close, closely, closures, clothing, code, code', coerce, coercion, cognizable, coin, coins, collect, collected, collection, collude, colluder, color, columbia, columbia', combat, combatting, combination, combining, comforting, comma, command, commence, commenced, commencement, commensurate, comment, commerce, commingled, commingles, commission, commit, commitment, commits, committed, committee, committees, committing, commodity, common, commonly, commonwealth, communicates, communication, communication', communications, communications', community, community', compact, companies, company, company', comparable, compatible, compensable, compensate, compensated, compensation, competence, competent, competitive, complaints, complete, completed, completing, completion, complex, complexity, compliance, comply, component, components, comprehensive, comprising, computer, computer', computerized, computers, computing, conceal, concealed, concealing, concealment, conceals, concentration, concept, concern, concern, concerned, concerning, concerns, concluded, concludes, concluding, conclusion, conclusions, concurrent, concurs, condemn, condemned, condemning, condemns, condition, conditions, conduct, conducted, conducted', conducting, conducts, confer, confidentiality, configuration, confirm, confirming, confiscate, confiscated, confiscation, conflict, conflicts, conforming, congress, congress
, congressional, conjunction, connecting, connection, consent, consequential, consider, consideration, considerations, considered, considering, considers, consist, consistent, conspiracies, conspiracy, conspirator, conspire, conspires, conspiring, constitute, constitutes, constituting, constitution, constitution', constitutional, construct, construction, construed, construing, consular, consulate, consult, consultation, consultations, consulting, consumer, consumer's, contact, contain, contained, container, containing, contains, contemplated, contempt, content, contents, contents', contest, contesting, context, continually, continue, continuing, continuity, continuous, contract, contracts, contractual, contrary, contrast, contravene, contribute, contribution, contributions, contributor, control, controlled, controlling, controls, convention', conventional, converts, conveyance, conveyed, conveys, convicted, conviction, conviction', cooperate, cooperation, cooperative, coordinate, coordinated, coordination, copy, corporate, corporation, corporations, corpus, correct, correction, correspondent, corresponding, corrupt, corruption, corruptly, cost, costs, could, count, counted, counter, counterfeit, counterfeiting, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, countries, country, country', coupled, courier, couriers, course, court, court', courts, covered, covering, create, created, creates, creating, creation, credible, credit, crew, crime, crime', crimes, criminal, criminals, crises, crisis, criteria, critical, cross, crossing, crossings, cuba', culpable, cultivated, currency, currency', current, currently, custodian, custody, customer, customers, customs, cyber, cybersecurity, cyberterrorism, cycle, d, damage, damage', damaged, damages, damaging, danger, dangerous, data, database, databases, date, daughter, daughters, day, days, dd, dea, deadline, deadlines, dealers, dealing, dealings, dealt, death, debilitating, debit, deceased, december, decision, declaration, declares, decline, dedicated, deemed, deems, defective, defects, defend, defendant, defendant', defense, defense', defer, deferral, deferred, deferring, define, defined, defining, definition, definitions, defraud, degree, delay, delayed, delaying, delays, delegate, delegated, deliberate, delicti, delineate, delivers, delivery, demand, demands, demonstrate, demonstrated, demonstrating, demonstration, demonstrations, denial, denied, deny, depart, department, departments, departure, depend, deploy, deployment, deportable, deportation, deposit, deposited, depository, deposits, deputy, derail, derails, derived, descent, describe, described, describing, description, design, designate, designated, designating, designation, designation', designed, designee, designee', desirability, desirable, desires, destroy, destroy', destroyed, destroying, destruction, destructive, detailed, detailing, detain, detained, detaining, detect, detecting, detection, detention, deter, determination, determine, determined, determines, determining, deterrence, deterrent, detriment, detrimental, develop, developed, developing, development, device, device', devices, devices', diagnose, diagnosis, dialing, dialing', did, died, different, difficult, difficulty, digital, diligence, diminished, diplomatic, direct, directed, direction', directly, director, director', directors, directs, disability, disability', disable, disabled, disables, disadvantage, disagree, disaster, disbursement, disbursements, discharged, disciplinary, discipline, disclose, disclosed, disclosing, disclosure, disclosures, discover, discovery, discretion, discretionary, discriminate, discrimination, discuss, discussion, disease, disguise, dishonorable, dismantling, dismiss, dispatcher, dispatching, disputes, disregard, disregarded, disruption, disseminate, disseminated, dissemination, dissimilar, distance, distinct, distribute, distributed, distributing, distribution, distributions, district, district', disturbances, diversity, divided, division, divulge, dna, do, document, documentation, documented, documents, does, doing, domestic, domestically, donation, donations, donor', draft, drawn, dress, driver, drug, due, duly, duration, durations, during, duties, duty, e, each, early, earned, easier, easily, economic, economy, education, education', educational, effect, effecting, effective, effectively, effectiveness, efficacy, efficient, efficiently, effort, efforts, eight, either, electronic, electronic', electronically, electronics, element, elements, eligibility, eligible, eliminate, elimination, embezzlement, emergencies, emergency, emerging, emphasize, employed, employee, employees, employment, employs, ems, enable, enacted, enactment, enacts, encompass, encounter, encourage, encouraged, encouraging, end, endanger, endangerment, endangers, ending, endorse, endorsement, enduring, energy, enforce, enforceability, enforceable, enforcement, enforcement's, enforcing, engage, engaged, engagement, engages, engaging, enhance, enhanced, enhancement, enhancing, ensure, ensuring, enter, entered, entering, enterprises, entertain, entire, entities, entitle, entitled, entity, entity', entry, enumerated, environment, epidemic, epidemiology, equal, equally, equipment, equity, equivalent, especially, espionage, espouse, essential, establish, established, establishes, establishing, establishment, estimated, et, ethnic, evade, evading, evaluate, evaluating, evaluation, evasion, even, event, events, every, evidence, ex, examination, examinations, example, exceed, exceeded, exceeding, except, exception, exceptions, excess, exchange, exchange', exchanges, excluding, exclusion, exclusive, exclusively, executed', executes, execution, executive, exempt, exempted, exemption, exemptions, exercise, exercised, exist, existence, existing, exists, exit, expand, expansion, expectation, expedite, expedited, expeditiously, expended, expenditure, expenditures, expenses, experience, expert, expertise, expiration, expired, expires, explosive, explosives, export, exporting, exposure, expressing, expressly, extend, extended, extending, extension, extensions, extensive, extent, extortion, extract, extracted, extracts, extradite, extraterritorial, f, face, facilitate, facilitates, facilitating, facilities, facility, facility', facsimile, fact, factors, facts, factual, fail, failed, fails, failure, fair, faith, false, falsely, families, families
, family, fbi, fearful, feasibility, feasible, february, federal, federally, fee, fellow, fellowships, felony, ferry, fewer, fide, field, fifteen, fight, figure, file, filed, files, filing, final, finally, finances, financial, financing, fincen, fincen', find, finding, findings, finds, fine, fine', fined, fined', fines, fingerprint, fingerprints, fire, fire', firearm, firearm', firearms, firm, firmware, first, fisa, fiscal, fitness, five, five', fixed, flight, flows, flush, focus, focusing, foia, follow, following, follows, followup, food, for, for', force, forced, forces, foregoing, foreign, forensic, foreseeable, forever, forfeit, forfeited, forfeiture, forfeitures, form, formal, formation, former, forms, formula, forseeable, forth, forty, found, fraud, frauds, fraudulent, freedom, frequent, from, from', fte, fuel, fugitive, fulfill, fulfilled, full, fullest, fully, function, functional, functions, fund, fund', funded, funding, funds, furnish, furnishes, further, furtherance, future, futures, g, gain, gaming, garage, gas, gather, gathering, general, generally, general's, geographic, geographically, germs, gift, gifts, give, given, giving, global, globe, goal, gone, good, goods, govern, governed, governing, government, governmental, governments, governors, grace, grade, gramm, grand, grandparent, grandparents, grant, granted, grantor, grants, grave, greater, gross, ground, grounds, group, groups, growth, guam, guard, guests, guidance, guidelines, guilty, h, habeas, had, hamdani, handle, harassment, harbor, harboring, harbors, hardware, harm, has, have, haven, having, hazardous, hazmat, he, head, heading, headings, headquarters, heads, health, hear, held, help, her, hereby, heroic, heroically, hiding, high, higher, highly, hijackings, hinder, hire, his, historical, history, holders, holding, holds, holy, homeland, homicide, homicides, hospital, hospitals, hostage, hostile, hostilities, hour, hours, house, housing, how, however, however', hr, human, humanitarian, i, iafis, identical, identifiable, identification, identified, identifier, identifies, identify, identifying, identities, identity, ieepa, if, ii, iii, illegal, illegal', illegally, illicit, illness, illnesses, image, image', imagery, images, images', immaterial, immediate, immediately, immigrant, immigrants, immigration, immunity, impact, impair, impairment, impairs, impede, impeded, impediments, implement, implementation, implemented, implementing, implications, imply, important, importation, importing, impose, imposed, imposing, imposition, impression, impressions, imprint, imprisoned, imprisoned', imprisonment, improper, improve, improved, improvement, improvements, improvements
, improving, impulses', in, in', inadequate, inadmissibility, inadmissible, incapacitates, incapacity, incendiary, incident, incidentally, incidents, incite, include, include', included, includes, includes', including, inclusion, income, incorporated, increase, increased, increasing, increasingly, incurred, indefinite, independent, index, indexed, indicating, indictable, indictment, indirect, indirectly, individual, individually, individuals, individual's, induced, industry, ineligible, infectious, inference, influence, influenced, inform, informal, information, information', informational, informing, infrastructure, infrastructure', infrastructures, initial, initiate, initiated, initiating, initiative, initiatives, injure, injure', injury, injury', innocent, inquiry', ins, insert, inserting, insights, inspection, inspector, inspectors, installation, installations, installed, installing, instances, institute, instituted, instituting, institution, institution', institutional, institutions, institutions', instruct, instructions, instrument, instrument', instruments, insufficient, insurance, insured, integrated, integration, integrity, intelligence, intelligence', intelligence, intended, intends, intent, intention, intentional, intentionally, intentions, interbank, intercept, intercepted, interception, interdependent, interest, interested, interests, interface, interference, interferes, interfering, intergovernmental, intermediary, internal, internal', international, internationally, internet, internships, interoperability, interpol, interruption, interstate, intervals, intimidate, intimidation, into, invalid, invalidity, investigate, investigate', investigated, investigating, investigation, investigation', investigations, investigative, investigatory, investment, invoked, involve, involved, involvement, involves, involving, irrespective, is, islands, issuance, issue, issue', issued, issued', issuer, issues, issuing, it, item, items, its, itself, iv, ix, j, january, jeff, jeopardize, join, join', joint, jointly, judge, judges, judges', judgment, judgments, judicial, judiciary, july, june, jurisdiction, jurisdiction', jurisdictional, jurisdictions, jury, justice, justified, justifies, k, keeping, kept, key, kidnap, kidnaping, kidnapping, kidnapping', kill', killed, killing, killings, kingpin, knew, know, knowing, knowingly, knowledge, known, knows, korea', l, labor, laboratories, laden, land, landlord, language, languages, large, larger, last, later, launderers, laundering, law, lawful, lawfully, laws, leach, leader, leaders, leadership, leased, least, legal, legally, legislation, legislative, legitimate, lending, length, lengthening, less, less', letters, level, levels, liabilities, liability, liable, liaison, liberties, license, license', licensed, licenses, licenses
, lie, life, life', lift, light, like, likely, limb, limit, limitation, limitations, limited, limits, line, line', lines, linguistic, links, liquid, liquidated, list, listed, lists, litigation, little, loan, local, localities, locate, located, location, locations, long, longer, lookout, loss, loss', losses, lost, low, lower, lowered, luggage, m, machine, made, magistrate, mail, mailing, maim, maintain, maintained, maintaining, maintains, maintenance, majority, make, makes, making, malicious, maliciously, manage, manageable, managed, management, manages, managing, mandate, mandatory, manipulation, manner, manslaughter, manufacture, many, mapping, margins, mariana, marital, maritime, market, marshal, marshals, masks, mass, material, materials, matter, matters, maximum, may, may', mean, meaning, meaningful, meanings, means, measure, measures, measures, mechanism, mechanisms, medical, medicine, meet, meeting, meets, member, members, membership, memberships, memorandums, mental, merchandise, merchant, merchants, merger, mergers, merits, messages, method, methods, metropolitan, microfilm, miles, military, minimally, minimize, minimum, minority, misappropriation, miscellaneous, miscellaneous
, misdemeanor, misguided, missile, missiles, missing, missions, misstatement, misuse, mitigate, mitigation, mobile, model, modeling, models, modification, modified, modify, mohammed, monetary, money, monitor, monitoring, month, months, more, most, motion, motivation, motor, mount, move, movement, moving, much, multi, multijurisdictional, multilateral, munitions, murder, muslim, must, mutual, mutually, n, name, named, names, narcotics, nation, national, nationalities, nationality, nationals, nations, nationwide, natural, naturalization, naturally, nature, navigation, nces, ncic, near, necessarily, necessary, necessity, need, needed, needs, negligent, negotiations, neighboring, neither, network, network
, networks, new, newspaper, nisac, nist, no, nominal, non, nonbank, noncapital, noncompliance, noncooperative, nondelegation, nondisclosure, nondomiciliaries, none, nonfinancial, nongovernmental, nonimmigrant, nonprofit, nonresidents, nor, north, northern, not, note, notes, nothing, notice, notice', notification, notify, notwithstanding, november, now, nuclear, null, number, numbered, numerical, object, objection, objective, obligated, obligation, obligations, obstacles, obstruct, obstruction, obtain, obtained, obtaining, obtains, occur, occurred, occurring, occurs, october, of, of', offender, offenders, offense, offenses, offenses
, offer, offered, office, office', officer, officer', officers, officers', officers
, offices, official, officials, offshore, offshore', old, omission, omit, omnibus, on, once, one, ongoing, only, onset, open, opened, opening, opens, operate, operated, operating, operation, operational, operations, operator, operators, opportunities, opportunity, or, or', or, oral, oral', order, order', ordered, orders, ordinarily, ordinary, organization, organization', organizations, organization's, organized, originating, origination, originator, originators, orphans, osama, other, others, otherwise, our, out, out', outbreaks, outmoded, outreach, outside, over, overall, overlap, overseas, oversight, overtime, own, owned, owner, owner', owners, ownership, owns, p, packet, page, page, paid, pakistani, papers, paragraph, paragraphs, parallel, parent, parents, parole, part, parte, participant, participant', participants, participated, participating, participation, particular, particularly, parties, partnership, parts, party, passed, passenger, passengers, passport, passports, patriot, patriotism, patrol, patterns, pay, payable, payees, paying, payment, payments, pdf, peaceful, pen, penalties, penalty, pendency, pending, people, per, perceived, percent, percent', perform, performance, performing, period, periodic, periods, permanent, permissible, permission, permit, permits, permitted, perpetrated, perpetrating, perpetrators, person, person', personal, personally, personnel, persons, person's, persons', persuade, pertaining, petition, petitioner, petitions, pharmaceutical, phrase, physical, pipeline, piracy, place, placed, placement, places, plaintiff, plan, planned, planning, plans, plastic, plate, plates, platform, platforms, play, point, points, police, policies, policy, policymakers, political, pool, population, port, portion, ports, pose, posed, posing, position, possess, possesses, possessing, possession, possessions, possible, post, posts, potential, potentially, power, powers, practicable, practical, practices, practices', precautionary, preceding, preclude, precursor, predicates, predominantly, preference, prejudice, preliminarily, premises, preparation, prepare, prepared, preparedness, preparing, preponderance, prescribe, prescribed, prescribed', prescribing, presence, presence', present, presentation, presented, preservation, preserve, preserving, president, presidential, pretrial, prevent, prevented, preventing, prevention, previous, previously, prey, primarily, primary, principal, principally, principles, prior, priorities, priority, privacy, private, privately, privilege, pro, problem, problems, procedure, procedure', procedures, procedures, proceeding, proceeding', proceedings, proceeds, process, process', processing, processing', produce, produces, producing, product, production, professionals, program, programming, programs, progress, prohibit, prohibited, prohibiting, prohibition, prohibitions, prohibits, projects, projects', proliferation, prominence, promise, promote, prompt, promptly, promulgate, promulgated, pronouncements, proper, property, property', prophylactic, proposal, proposed, prosecute, prosecuted, prosecuting, prosecution, prosecutions, prosecutor, prosecutors, prosperity, protect, protected, protecting, protection, protection, protective, protective', provide, provided, provider, provides, providing, provision, provisions, provisions, proximate, proximately, public, publication, publicly, publish, published, puerto, punish, punishable, punished, punished', punishing, punishment, purchase, purpose, purpose', purposes, purposes
, pursuant, pursuing, purview, put, q, qualifications, qualified, qualifies, qualify, qualifying, quality, quantities, quantity, quest, questions, quick, r, racial, racketeering, radio, radiological, rail, raise, raising, range, ranging, rank, ranking, rapid, rare, rate, rds, read, readable, readily, readiness, real, reason, reasonable, reasonably, reasons, reauthorization, receipt, receipts, receive, received, received, receiver, receives, receiving, recent, recipient, recipients, reciprocity, reckless, recognizable, recognize, recognizes, recommend, recommendation, recommendations, reconfiguration, reconfiguring, reconsider, reconsidered, record, record', recording, recordkeeping, records, records', recover, recovery, red, redesignate, redesignated, redesignating, redesignation, redesignation', redissemination, reduce, reduced, reducing, reduction, reentry, reestablishing, refer, reference, references, referred, refers, reform, reformed, regard, regarded, regarding, regardless, regime, regimes, region, regional, register, register', registered, registers, registration, registry, regular, regularity, regulated, regulating, regulation, regulations, regulator, regulator', regulators, regulatory, reimburse, reimbursed, reimbursement, relate, related, relates, relating, relations, relationship, relationships, relative, relatives, release, released, relevant, reliable, reliance, relied, relief, relieve, religion, religious, rely, rem, remain, remainder, remaining, remains, remarries, remedies, remedy, remote, removable, removal, removed, removes, removing, render, rendered, rendition, renewal, renewals, renounced, repatriate, repatriation, repeatedly, replaced, replenish, report, reported, reporting, reports, reports, representative, representatives, represented, reproduces, reproduction, reproductions, republic, request, requested, requesting, requests, require, required, requirement, requirements, requires, requiring, rescue, research, research', reserve, reside, residence, residence', residences, resident, residents, resides, residing, resistant, resolutely, resolution, resolving, resource, resources, respect, respective, respectively, respond, responders, responding, response, responses, responsibilities, responsibility, responsible, restitution, restoring, restrained, restraining, restraint, restricted, restricting, restriction, result, resulted, resulting, results, retain, retained, retains, retention, retrain, retrieval, retroactive, return, returning, revealing, revenue, review, review, reviewed, reviewing, revocation, revoked, revolution, reward, rewards, rico, right, rights, risk, risking, rogatory, role, routed, routing, roving, rule, rulemaking, rules, s, sabotage, sacrosanct, safe, safeguard, safeguards, safety, said, salaries, sale, salman, same, samoa, sanctions, satisfaction, satisfied, satisfy, savings, scale, scanning, scans, scene, school, schoolbus, scienter, scientific, scope, screen, screened, screening, scrutiny, seal, seaports, search, searches, sec, second, secrecy, secret, secretary, secretary', secretary's, secrets, section, section', sections, sector, sectors, secure, securing, securities, securities', security, security', seek, seeking, seeks, seize, seized, seizure, select, selecting, selection, self, selling, sells, semi, semiannual, semiannually, semicolon, senate, sender, senior, sense, sent, sentence, sentencing, separate, separated, september, seq, sequence, serious, seriously, seriousness, serve, served, service, service', services, services', serving, session, session, set, sets, setting, settlement, seven, severability, severable, shall, shall', share, shared, shareholder, shareholders, shares, sharing, she, shell, shielded, shift, ship, shipped, shopping, short, should, showing, shown, sightseeing, signal, signaling, signed, significant, signifying, signs, sikh, sikhs, similar, similarity, similarly, simulation, since, single, situated, six, size, skills, smallpox, smuggle, smuggled, smugglers, smuggling, so, social, society, software, sold, sole, solely, solicit, solicitation, solicitations, solicitor, some, son, sons, sooner, sophisticated, sought, sought', source, sources, sources
, south, speaker, special, specialists, specially, specific, specifically, specified, specify, speed, spending, sponsored, sponsors, spouse, spouses, spread, st, stability, stabilizing, staff, staffing, stamp, stand, standard, standards, standing, start, stat, state, state', stated, states, state's, states', states
, stating, stations, statistics, status, statute, statute', statutory, stay, steps, still, stockpile, stockpiles, stolen, stone, stones, stones', stop, stored, stores, strategy, streets, strength, strengthen, strengthening, striking, strongest, structure, structuring, student, study, subaccount, subchapter, subchapters, subclause, subclauses, subdivision, subject, subjected, subjecting, subjects, submission, submit, submits, submittal, submitted, submitting, subparagraph, subparagraphs, subpart, subpoena, subpoenas, subscriber, subscriber', subsection, subsections, subsequent, subsidiaries, substance, substance', substances, substantial, substantially, substitute, subtitle, subvert, successfully, successor, such, such', suffered, sufficient, summarizing, summons, sums, sunset, supersede, superseding, supervised, supervises, supervision, supervisors, supervisory, supplemental, supplies, supply, support, supporters, supporting, supreme, surge, surrounding, surveillance, surveillance', surveys, surviving, susceptible, suspected, suspend, suspension, suspicions, suspicious, sustained, switched, syria, system, systemic, systems, systems, table, tactical, tailored, take, taken, takes, taking, taliban, tamper, tangible, tap, target, targeted, targeting, targets, task, tax, technical, techniques, technological, technologies, technology, telecommunications, telemarketing, telephone, television, temporarily, temporary, tempore, ten, ten', tenets, term, terminal, terminate, terminated, terminating, termination, terms, territorial, territories, territory, terrorism, terrorism', terrorism
, terrorist, terrorists, terrorists', terrorists, test, tested, testimony, tests, text, th, than, than', that, that', the, theft, their, them, then, therapeutics, therapies, there, thereafter, thereby, therefor, therefrom, therein, thereof, thereto, thereunder, these, they, thing, things, third, this, those, threat, threaten, threatens, threats, three, threshold, through, throughout, thus, thwarting, time, timely, times, timing, title, title', to, to', today, together, toll, took, tools, tort, torture, total, toward, toxin, toxin', trace, traceable, tracking, trade, traded, trades, trading, traditional, traffickers, trafficking, tragic, trail, train, trained, training, trains, trandahl, transacted, transaction, transactional, transactions, transactions', transcending, transfer, transferred, transferring, transfers, transformed, translation, translations, translators, transmission, transmits, transmittal, transmitted, transmitting, transmitting', transnational, transparency, transport, transportation, transportation', transported, transporting, transports, trap, travel, travels, treasury, treat, treated, treaties, treatment, treatments, treaty, trends, trespasser, trespasser', trespassers, trespasser's, trial, tribal, tried, triple, true, trust, trusts, turbans, turkey, twenty, two, type, types, typically, u, unable, unauthorized, unavailable, under, undercover, underground, underlying, undermine, undermines, underpin, understanding, undertake, underway, undesignated, undue, unenforceability, unenforceable, unfolded, uniform, uninstalled, uninsured, unintended, unintentional, union, unions, united, uniting, units, unity, unlawful, unlawfully, unless, unlicensed, unlicensed', unlikely, unmarried, unreviewable, until, unwittingly, up, update, updated, updates, upgrading, upon, urban, usa, usage, use, used, usefulness, user, uses, using, usual, utilities, utilization, utilize, utilized, utilizing, utter, uttering, v, vaccines, valid, validity, value, variety, various, vehicle, venue, verbal, verification, verify, verifying, vest, vi, via, viability, vibrant, victim, victims, video, vii, viii, violate, violated, violates, violating, violation, violations, violence, violent, virgin, virtual, virtue, visa, visas, visiting, vital, vocational, voice, volume, voluntarily, voluntary, vote, w, waive, waiver, wake, wanted, warfare, warning, warrant, warranted, warranting, warrants, was, watchlist, water, way, we, weak, weapon, weapon', weaponization, weapons, welfare, well, were, what, when, whenever, where, whereby, wherever, whether, which, whichever, while, who, whoever, whole, whom, whose, wide, will, willful, willfully, wire, wiretap, with, withdrawal, within, without, witnesses, women, work, workers, workshops, world, worldwide, worn, worship, would, wreck, wrecking, wrecks, writ, writer, writing, written, wrongdoing, x, y, year, year', years, years', york, yorker

Even just from the language alone, sounds like we mean business.

(this transformation powered by C#, there is no way I would have hand-made this)