Friday, October 28, 2005

Columbus here I come + joining the Flock that is myspace

Flickr PhotoFriday is the big day for OSU , I finally go down and get to see if its for me or not. A fun day is planned for me though. 2pm starts off the Engineering Preview Day, which is a big open house for all things engineering. After a little bit 2:30 I am going to the Computer Science overview. I'm not sure which will be better but, I hope they tie for awesome.

I joined myspace

Yeah, apparently everyone already has an account. I'm which wasn't the first choice, but I'm happy. I kinda like it already, not as much as tabula rasa as with your own website, but you CAN enter html in every text box, which ups the techo ante, which I like.

I don't know who this Tom guy is, but he gets around. I think he's either a computer virus or the bird flu that is just going around. In either case, he can keep his distance.

I'll keep you posted on what happens at OSU.

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