Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ubunut Studio -- An ubuntu linux distro for multimedia gurus

I was pretty much way off on this one. I had thought Ubuntu Studio was going to be a killer sweet multimedia app to compete with the likes of Adobe CS3 and mac iLife. But instead it is an entire customized operating system for multimedia production.

I'm fairly certain that I'm going to be distributing discs of this distro, in addition to gutsy for mac and pc.

It is maintained by the Ubuntu Community, especially as far as operating system enhancements are concerned, so this isn't a dead fork in the road; but rather an expansion that grows off the same Ubuntu/Canonical root.

I kinda wanted an application to show up in add/remove programs that would just pull in some great multimedia apps.

I would suggest that ubuntu give you the option to transform your OS as you need it. Stupid suggestion given that it is already an open environment, since you can do that anyways. But perhaps a button that enables you to revert back to the base install of Gutsy, or to transform into Edubuntu, or Kubuntu, or over to Ubuntu Studio.

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