Sunday, October 28, 2007

Anywhere.FM + an FTP server full of music + WebDrive == Awesomeness

I had a minor dilemma this morning. And the day before as well. I had alot of music that I've uploaded to my (ftp) server and I wanted to bring it in to my profile.

1) Download all my ftp music back to my hard drive, and then use the uploader for the music that is back on my hard drive.
2) Emulate the ftp server as a mounted drive (in windows) and tell to scan that mounted server.
3) option 3 is not very feasible because i would have had to install the uploader tool on the shared server which runs linux, that I have no authority to install programs on. but it could be a nice project if i were a genius with nothing better to do.

I chose to use WebDrive and emulate a w:\ as and then use the uploader to scan it for new tracks. There is a lot of file movement, but I'll update this when it works.. or even if it didn't work.

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