Monday, January 15, 2007

Using your PS3 to view your local network

The ps3 is way up there as far as potential goes, however the cool things it can do need to be unlocked or rather manipulated to get some benefit. I've found a way to use your ps3 to browse your computers on your local network, and so far I've been able to pull off songs, videos, movies, and pictures. Here's how.

1: Install a web server on your pc.
2: Configure that webserver to share your files
3: Point your PS3's web browser to your computers IP address (
4: Optimize your files for ps3 viewing / streaming. (in progress)

I installed apache on the computer, and then configured it to share the F:\ as the document root. Now all requests for respond with the directory structure of F:\
I also added virtual directories because there are some files in c:\program files\bitlord\downloads which I aliased to respond as To do this look on the internet for setting up a virtual drive for apache, and then create the folder bitlord on F:, and leave it empty. And so long as the alias is correct will respond with c:\program files\bitlord\downloads instead of f:\bitlord.

My next step is to encode all the video files to be in the proper format to be played on the ps3. I have mpeg's and avi's that the PS3 doesn't recognize, so I will encode all of them to flash (flv) so that they can be played streaming over the ps3. This still doesn't work yet, I got audio to work, but not video (ugghh).

The next update will include details for my setup, screenshots, and hopefully flash fully encoded and working.

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