Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Future now of music

A good buddy of mine, Paul Betts had a posting that music no longer should be tied to us, ergo Voyager sans bagage. Autotranslated into english english.. we don't need to carry 8,16,30,100 gigs of music on us. We just need to be able to grab what we need when we need it.

{insert modern graphic of an ipod that has been damaged, and a headphone sucking wireless music out of the air}

The NOW of music is that we have an interesting web app called Anywhere.FM . You essentially upload all of your music that you are currently toting around with you, and fragmentally residing on all of your computers and consolidate it beautifully through a more or less fantastic interface. Your music plays through the player, and you would no longer need to touch your mp3 files again.

The FUTURE of music...
We however do not have our uMachine; our uBiquitous, uNiversal Machine. When you go for a drive in your car, we don't (I don't) have an internet connection feeding websites to my radio. So if we could get this wonderful (perhaps existing as an iPhone) internet-fed poly-purpose {not just multimedia} device that we can dock into our car's headunit, we then pass the modern test of making progress with our lives, our music, our overall doing something more.. which is a greater act than just doing some more.

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