Thursday, July 26, 2007

omg omg... I'm so happy.. Google Rocks

Google stock has reached astronomical highs this week. They did lose some 7% earlier this week after missing their profit goal by 2%, but that is actually my fault. No really. Google builds their entire platform around growth, that why they can afford to drop a billion dollars on YouTube, or offer the FCC $4.6B or was it $6.4B these small numbers get confusing, I mean whats a decimal point multiplied a few billion? Oh... wow... Wow!!

Anyways, this is a story about me, and my personal relationship to Google. {By the way, I'm the only person who reads this blog. The fact that GoogleBot reads it too, kinda makes me smile sometimes.} So today, I was busily working, or busily reading, or busily almost working, or busily almost reading. I was busy, so I never had a chance to read my rss feeds in firefox. Big Mistake.

After getting home today, and pacing around the block a few times, and having a drink, because after all its healthy nowadays to have a drink every day, I log into the computer and see "what is up". This fun activity involves web browsing, putting readers to sleep, and... and... reading the google blog. My bad, The Official Google Blog. Or as I call it,
The Word, according to Google.

Umm, today Google went nuts, or at the least, their publishing and marketing groups went nuts. Their blog had at least three new story, and they were all awesome. Sorry Ramen noodle guy, but these were really good stories. I watched the video of Eric Schmidt talk to governors about the role of technology in our lives and education... Pretty fascinating. So alot, alot, alot of good features for researchers, and this awesome video for Gmail, and that was what I would call overload. And I came up with an idea for my own addition to the Gmail video.. Hopefully something becomes of it.

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