Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Open Letter to the Post Office: Go away

I'm not a fan of collecting stamps, finding envelopes, licking glue, and going to the post office to send something that has every other reason to be done online. If I were one with the political clout to affect change, I would begin by charging a tax on mailbox fees. Very analogous to the way people already pay for water or electricity. Some people have costs in generating the service, why not pay to use the service. I haven't quite figured out if it should be per parcel or per quantity, but those who choose to do business by snail mail need to cut it out.

I'm sure Google/MSN/Yahoo/other email providers are great employers who give their employees off for holidays, it doesn't mean they shut down and their services are unavailable for an entire long weekend. My beef is that to send a mail, one must go through such a hassle, that its just a pain.

Not to mention, its slow.

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