Monday, July 09, 2007

My pre Goog411w/maps adventure through DC

Ohh My God

I've become a very frequent user and advocate of Goog411, and I have felt the need for a map alongside the information. For an example of this follow this sort of dialogue:
Goog411: What city and state?
Me: Washington DC
G: {Washington DC}, What category?
Me: Swedish Embassy
G: {Swedish Embassy} Top 2 results, 1)Embassy of Sweden Library, 2)Embassy of Sweden
Me: Number two
G: Embassy of Sweden, located on K Street Northwest and W.

Here's where a map is great, I'm a total n00b to DC, I've been through the town a couple of times and I understand the Metro very well, in fact, I love DC's metro, but thats besides the point, I'm on foot. I know the Metro, I know landmarks, I know where The White House is, I know where The Washington Monument is, I know where Foggy Bottom is, I know where Georgetown is, I know where Adam's Morgan is. Maybe I'm a little beyond the total n00b, but still very fuzzy.

The map said K St NW, I was at A or B, which means K was A,B,...,J,K blocks away. I'm starting from the US Capitol, because the Forth of July celebrations are delaying on account of rain. It also said something undecipherable like W. K and W don't unnecessarily meet. Letters go from north and south, and numbers go from east to west. Details said the address was 2900 K St, and when I went A,B,... all the way to K, I found I was at First Street also. This 2900 is the same as 29th. It was a very long walk.

So long and sketchy, that I met a prostitute soliciting her services along the way. Goog411 with maps might have helped choose a better way to get there. So I'm looking forward to using it.

Official Google Blog: 1-800-GOOG-411: now with maps

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