Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mmmm... Work

Today, I worked some 11 hours, and I totally loved it. Well now I can say that, but it was stressful. We had to set up 20 user computers with 3 main computers that would act as servers in this office that was designed to accommodate like 5 or 6 total. We fooled with workgroups, and ran into duplicate name errors, tried to run with 2003 server, but too complicated. The whole time I was learning, it was just so great, but they wanted us to have all the machines running at once. We finally set it all up by the end of the session, but by then it was almost too late. And we have to tear down the network come Saturday.

I found this kickass site today, It is a techie site where they do lots of cool stuff, stuff I only dream of because I have no friends, well no tech savvy friends. I got offered a job maintaining a website for my neighbor it will need some work, I was expecting something professional but I could definitely touch it up. With websites, I need to learn how to prog with Perl or php and also learn to implement a nice graphical front.

The ladies went sledding today, good for them, my little brother was crabby, so was my mom. My hair is getting long, and my neighbor is getting out of the army. Oh boy do I want to reconvert him into a tech dork.

Peace out world..

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