Wednesday, December 29, 2004

How I got my ass kicked in 60 seconds.

I went snowboarding today, down a hill, not a mountain. The ground was still in the compressed and hard phase, and that was not nice or easy, but what didn't kill me only made me stronger, and more limp around the backside, ass first landing from a jump.

My brother and I where the only two in my car, I want so bad to help him out in life, perhaps give him the secrets that will allow him to be, 'the superman' according to Marx. As far as I go in giving advice, I figure the truth would be good enough for him, I don't need to push him in any direction, simply show him what is out there, and give him my take on what I see. He asked me what happens to us when we die, where do we go and what do we do. I knew what my mother would say and also what I felt was the truth, and I just lay it out to him, we die, our body returns to the organic matter it was, and as far as our soul or our mind goes, I'm like maybe you'll be playing ping pong with Jesus someday I don't know, but your body won't be allowed to go. I feel so good knowing he has questions, it reminds me of someone similar to myself at that age.

Last but not least, I told my girlfriend that I would like it better if we where just friends. It will be hard on me, as well as her, because I know she still likes me, but facts are what they are. I learned something from my readings last nite, 'history goes to the victor.' Everyone has their own impression of what is going on, from their own perspective, from their own idilic view of what they would want others to know of the situation.

Phe phi pho phum... Will I ever satisfy my heart?
My heart bleeds for thee, and I believe Christina Aquilera said it best 'all I want is you'

~My regards to those lost in the quake/floods. That kinda dwarves the loss on September the 11th.

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