Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stimulating Innovation of the Internet

Very shortly I will be canceling my Yahoo Account. It is not out of anger, or a direct response to some grievous error on their part, but rather, I'm making my stand to make the internet a better place.

As is competition, Yahoo has sadly lost the race on the internet frontier. I would declare them to be a stale-growth company, that is of the type that performs a spelling correction update cycle, as opposed to the create market leading applications or services growth and risks.

So to congratulate the internet on being as advanced as it is, I will officially close up my Yahoo account, thus signaling the practical death of Yahoo, it was central to the internet at the millennium, but now will likely live on as an AOL. A name with no certain future.

(As for grievous errors, they have struck me with their launchcast radio which I paid for, and it was the first time I was bitten by the auto-renewal bug. And most recently, Yahoo Domain / small business is certainly doomed to dissolve, as their domain registrar has raised the fee for a domain name to include a profit of 350%, or so.)

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