Monday, March 03, 2008

Yahoo Fees: A new service for domain owners

Uhh, even though Yahoo! formally declined the Microsoft offer, I have reason to believe Microsoft pirates have managed to invade the ranks of Yahoo! management, and do one of those classic Microsoft-in-the-90's maneuvers.

Yeah, I'm totally going to someone who doesn't skim an extra $3 for no reason. No offense, I tip my waitress, but this, its just a record in a c-table or something like that.

[[UPDATE]] After reading the fine-print of Yahoo!'s offer, they amazingly one-upped themselves. How clever, you can steer your herd by cleverly referring to competitors as junk.

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  1. Haha, hey man. You can't fight inflation... You see, your waitress, Yahoo inc., has to provide for a whole family AND her college education AND, of course, some beer money.

    So I don't understand how so foolishly you are willing to send our waitress down the drain in these days that it risks being hijacked into working in the sweatshops of her long time nemesis, Microsoft.


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