Monday, January 12, 2009

USA PATRIOT Act in 3410 words

The USA Patriot Act is too long to read. I offer you a version of the original act, in a cleaned up fashion that is:
a) arranged in an orderly fashion
b) concisely removes duplicate information

a, a', aa, abatement, abettor, abiding, abilities, ability, able, about, above, abroad, abuse, abuses, accept, acceptance, accepts, access, accessed, accesses, accessible, accompanied, accompanying, accompanying', accomplishing, accomplishment, accordance, accorded, accordingly, account, account', accountholders, accounts, accrue, accrues, accurate, accused, achieve, acquire, acquired, acquires, acquiring, acquisition, across, act, act', act, acted, acting, action, action', actions, activities, activities', activity, activity', actor, acts, actual, added, adding, addition, addition', additional, address, addressing, adequate, adequately, adjudicated, adjudicating, adjusting, adjustment, administer, administered, administering, administers, administration, administrative, admiralty, admissibility, admissible, admission, admit, admitted, adopt, adopted, advances, advancing, advantages, adverse, adversely, advertisements, advice, advisable, advise, advisor, advisors, aerosolization, affairs, affairs', affect, affected, affecting, affects, affidavit, affiliate, affiliate', affiliated, affiliations, affirmative, afforded, affording, affords, afghanistan, aforesaid, after, after', again, against, age, agencies, agency, agency', agency's, agent, agent', agents, aggravated, aggregate, aggregating, aggressively, aggrieved, agreed, agreement, agreements, agrees, agricultural, aid, aided, aider, aiding, air, aircraft, airline, airlines, airplane, airports, alerts, alien, alien', aliens, alien's, all, all', alleged, alleging, allocated, allocation, allotted, allow, allowed, allowing, allows, along, also, alternate, amend, amended, amending, amendment, amendments, america, american, americans, america's, among, amount, amounts, an, analog, analyses, analysis, analytic, analytical, analyze, ancillary, and, and', and, anger, annual, annually, anonymity, another, anti, antidrug, antiterrorism, any, any', anything, anywhere, app, apparatus, appeal, appeals, appear, appears, appendix, applicability, applicable, applicant, applicants, applicant's, application, applications, applied, applied', applies, apply, applying, appoint, appointed, appointment, appropriate, appropriated, appropriation, appropriations, approval, approved, approving, approximately, appurtenances, appurtenant, april, arab, arbitration, are, areas, arising, arm, armed, arms, around, arrangement, arrangements, arrest, arrested, arrests, arson, art, article, articles, articulable, as, ascertain, asia, aside, assassination, assault, assaults, assembled, asserting, assess, assessment, assessments, asset, assets, assigned, assignment, assist, assistance, assistant, assister, assisting, associate, associated, association, assurance, assurances, assure, assuring, at, atomic, attached, attached', attack, attacked, attacks, attempt, attempted, attempting, attempts, attendants, attest, attorney, attributes, audit, auditing, audits, august, authorities, authority, authorization, authorization', authorize, authorized, authorized', authorizes, authorizing, automated, automatic, automatically, availability, available, avoid, award, awarded, b, b', background, backgrounds, backlog, backpack, bank, banking, banks, bank's, barred, barter, based, bases, basic, basis, basle, bb, be, beards, bearer, bearing, because, become, becoming, been, been', before, began, begin, beginning, begun, behalf, being, beings, believe, believed, believes, belong, belonging, beneficial, beneficiaries, beneficiary, benefit, benefits, bequests, best, better, between, beyond, bigotry, bilateral, bill, billing, bin, bio, biochemical, biological, biometric, bioterrorism, bioterrorist, birthday, black, bliley, block, board, bodily, bombing, bona, bond, bonds, books, border, border', border, both, both', boundaries, branch, branches, break, bribery, brief, bring, broad, broadly, brokers, brought, budgetary, buildings, bulk, burden, bureau, burn', business, business', business
, businesses, businesses', businesses, but, by, c, c', cabinet, cable, calendar, call, called, callous, calls, camera, cameras, can, cannot, cap, capabilities, capability, capacities, capacity, captain, captures, capturing, card, care, carried, carry, carrying, case, case', cases, cash, cataloguing, catastrophic, cause, cause', caused, causes, causing, cc, cease, center, center', centers, center's, central, centralized, certain, certificate, certificates, certification, certifications, certified, certify, cessations, cftc, chairman, chairmen, challenge, challenges, change, changes, changing, channel, chapter, chapters, characterized, charge, charged, charitable, charter, check, checked, checks, chemical, chemical', chief, child, children, child's, circuit, circuits', circulate, circumstance, circumstances, circumvent, cited, citizen, citizens, citizen's, citizenship, civil, civilian, claim, claimant, claims, clandestine, clarification, clarifications, clarify, class, classes, classification, classified, classify, clause, clauses, clear, clearance, clearly, clerical, clerk, clients, clinical, close, closely, closures, clothing, code, code', coerce, coercion, cognizable, coin, coins, collect, collected, collection, collude, colluder, color, columbia, columbia', combat, combatting, combination, combining, comforting, comma, command, commence, commenced, commencement, commensurate, comment, commerce, commingled, commingles, commission, commit, commitment, commits, committed, committee, committees, committing, commodity, common, commonly, commonwealth, communicates, communication, communication', communications, communications', community, community', compact, companies, company, company', comparable, compatible, compensable, compensate, compensated, compensation, competence, competent, competitive, complaints, complete, completed, completing, completion, complex, complexity, compliance, comply, component, components, comprehensive, comprising, computer, computer', computerized, computers, computing, conceal, concealed, concealing, concealment, conceals, concentration, concept, concern, concern, concerned, concerning, concerns, concluded, concludes, concluding, conclusion, conclusions, concurrent, concurs, condemn, condemned, condemning, condemns, condition, conditions, conduct, conducted, conducted', conducting, conducts, confer, confidentiality, configuration, confirm, confirming, confiscate, confiscated, confiscation, conflict, conflicts, conforming, congress, congress
, congressional, conjunction, connecting, connection, consent, consequential, consider, consideration, considerations, considered, considering, considers, consist, consistent, conspiracies, conspiracy, conspirator, conspire, conspires, conspiring, constitute, constitutes, constituting, constitution, constitution', constitutional, construct, construction, construed, construing, consular, consulate, consult, consultation, consultations, consulting, consumer, consumer's, contact, contain, contained, container, containing, contains, contemplated, contempt, content, contents, contents', contest, contesting, context, continually, continue, continuing, continuity, continuous, contract, contracts, contractual, contrary, contrast, contravene, contribute, contribution, contributions, contributor, control, controlled, controlling, controls, convention', conventional, converts, conveyance, conveyed, conveys, convicted, conviction, conviction', cooperate, cooperation, cooperative, coordinate, coordinated, coordination, copy, corporate, corporation, corporations, corpus, correct, correction, correspondent, corresponding, corrupt, corruption, corruptly, cost, costs, could, count, counted, counter, counterfeit, counterfeiting, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, countries, country, country', coupled, courier, couriers, course, court, court', courts, covered, covering, create, created, creates, creating, creation, credible, credit, crew, crime, crime', crimes, criminal, criminals, crises, crisis, criteria, critical, cross, crossing, crossings, cuba', culpable, cultivated, currency, currency', current, currently, custodian, custody, customer, customers, customs, cyber, cybersecurity, cyberterrorism, cycle, d, damage, damage', damaged, damages, damaging, danger, dangerous, data, database, databases, date, daughter, daughters, day, days, dd, dea, deadline, deadlines, dealers, dealing, dealings, dealt, death, debilitating, debit, deceased, december, decision, declaration, declares, decline, dedicated, deemed, deems, defective, defects, defend, defendant, defendant', defense, defense', defer, deferral, deferred, deferring, define, defined, defining, definition, definitions, defraud, degree, delay, delayed, delaying, delays, delegate, delegated, deliberate, delicti, delineate, delivers, delivery, demand, demands, demonstrate, demonstrated, demonstrating, demonstration, demonstrations, denial, denied, deny, depart, department, departments, departure, depend, deploy, deployment, deportable, deportation, deposit, deposited, depository, deposits, deputy, derail, derails, derived, descent, describe, described, describing, description, design, designate, designated, designating, designation, designation', designed, designee, designee', desirability, desirable, desires, destroy, destroy', destroyed, destroying, destruction, destructive, detailed, detailing, detain, detained, detaining, detect, detecting, detection, detention, deter, determination, determine, determined, determines, determining, deterrence, deterrent, detriment, detrimental, develop, developed, developing, development, device, device', devices, devices', diagnose, diagnosis, dialing, dialing', did, died, different, difficult, difficulty, digital, diligence, diminished, diplomatic, direct, directed, direction', directly, director, director', directors, directs, disability, disability', disable, disabled, disables, disadvantage, disagree, disaster, disbursement, disbursements, discharged, disciplinary, discipline, disclose, disclosed, disclosing, disclosure, disclosures, discover, discovery, discretion, discretionary, discriminate, discrimination, discuss, discussion, disease, disguise, dishonorable, dismantling, dismiss, dispatcher, dispatching, disputes, disregard, disregarded, disruption, disseminate, disseminated, dissemination, dissimilar, distance, distinct, distribute, distributed, distributing, distribution, distributions, district, district', disturbances, diversity, divided, division, divulge, dna, do, document, documentation, documented, documents, does, doing, domestic, domestically, donation, donations, donor', draft, drawn, dress, driver, drug, due, duly, duration, durations, during, duties, duty, e, each, early, earned, easier, easily, economic, economy, education, education', educational, effect, effecting, effective, effectively, effectiveness, efficacy, efficient, efficiently, effort, efforts, eight, either, electronic, electronic', electronically, electronics, element, elements, eligibility, eligible, eliminate, elimination, embezzlement, emergencies, emergency, emerging, emphasize, employed, employee, employees, employment, employs, ems, enable, enacted, enactment, enacts, encompass, encounter, encourage, encouraged, encouraging, end, endanger, endangerment, endangers, ending, endorse, endorsement, enduring, energy, enforce, enforceability, enforceable, enforcement, enforcement's, enforcing, engage, engaged, engagement, engages, engaging, enhance, enhanced, enhancement, enhancing, ensure, ensuring, enter, entered, entering, enterprises, entertain, entire, entities, entitle, entitled, entity, entity', entry, enumerated, environment, epidemic, epidemiology, equal, equally, equipment, equity, equivalent, especially, espionage, espouse, essential, establish, established, establishes, establishing, establishment, estimated, et, ethnic, evade, evading, evaluate, evaluating, evaluation, evasion, even, event, events, every, evidence, ex, examination, examinations, example, exceed, exceeded, exceeding, except, exception, exceptions, excess, exchange, exchange', exchanges, excluding, exclusion, exclusive, exclusively, executed', executes, execution, executive, exempt, exempted, exemption, exemptions, exercise, exercised, exist, existence, existing, exists, exit, expand, expansion, expectation, expedite, expedited, expeditiously, expended, expenditure, expenditures, expenses, experience, expert, expertise, expiration, expired, expires, explosive, explosives, export, exporting, exposure, expressing, expressly, extend, extended, extending, extension, extensions, extensive, extent, extortion, extract, extracted, extracts, extradite, extraterritorial, f, face, facilitate, facilitates, facilitating, facilities, facility, facility', facsimile, fact, factors, facts, factual, fail, failed, fails, failure, fair, faith, false, falsely, families, families
, family, fbi, fearful, feasibility, feasible, february, federal, federally, fee, fellow, fellowships, felony, ferry, fewer, fide, field, fifteen, fight, figure, file, filed, files, filing, final, finally, finances, financial, financing, fincen, fincen', find, finding, findings, finds, fine, fine', fined, fined', fines, fingerprint, fingerprints, fire, fire', firearm, firearm', firearms, firm, firmware, first, fisa, fiscal, fitness, five, five', fixed, flight, flows, flush, focus, focusing, foia, follow, following, follows, followup, food, for, for', force, forced, forces, foregoing, foreign, forensic, foreseeable, forever, forfeit, forfeited, forfeiture, forfeitures, form, formal, formation, former, forms, formula, forseeable, forth, forty, found, fraud, frauds, fraudulent, freedom, frequent, from, from', fte, fuel, fugitive, fulfill, fulfilled, full, fullest, fully, function, functional, functions, fund, fund', funded, funding, funds, furnish, furnishes, further, furtherance, future, futures, g, gain, gaming, garage, gas, gather, gathering, general, generally, general's, geographic, geographically, germs, gift, gifts, give, given, giving, global, globe, goal, gone, good, goods, govern, governed, governing, government, governmental, governments, governors, grace, grade, gramm, grand, grandparent, grandparents, grant, granted, grantor, grants, grave, greater, gross, ground, grounds, group, groups, growth, guam, guard, guests, guidance, guidelines, guilty, h, habeas, had, hamdani, handle, harassment, harbor, harboring, harbors, hardware, harm, has, have, haven, having, hazardous, hazmat, he, head, heading, headings, headquarters, heads, health, hear, held, help, her, hereby, heroic, heroically, hiding, high, higher, highly, hijackings, hinder, hire, his, historical, history, holders, holding, holds, holy, homeland, homicide, homicides, hospital, hospitals, hostage, hostile, hostilities, hour, hours, house, housing, how, however, however', hr, human, humanitarian, i, iafis, identical, identifiable, identification, identified, identifier, identifies, identify, identifying, identities, identity, ieepa, if, ii, iii, illegal, illegal', illegally, illicit, illness, illnesses, image, image', imagery, images, images', immaterial, immediate, immediately, immigrant, immigrants, immigration, immunity, impact, impair, impairment, impairs, impede, impeded, impediments, implement, implementation, implemented, implementing, implications, imply, important, importation, importing, impose, imposed, imposing, imposition, impression, impressions, imprint, imprisoned, imprisoned', imprisonment, improper, improve, improved, improvement, improvements, improvements
, improving, impulses', in, in', inadequate, inadmissibility, inadmissible, incapacitates, incapacity, incendiary, incident, incidentally, incidents, incite, include, include', included, includes, includes', including, inclusion, income, incorporated, increase, increased, increasing, increasingly, incurred, indefinite, independent, index, indexed, indicating, indictable, indictment, indirect, indirectly, individual, individually, individuals, individual's, induced, industry, ineligible, infectious, inference, influence, influenced, inform, informal, information, information', informational, informing, infrastructure, infrastructure', infrastructures, initial, initiate, initiated, initiating, initiative, initiatives, injure, injure', injury, injury', innocent, inquiry', ins, insert, inserting, insights, inspection, inspector, inspectors, installation, installations, installed, installing, instances, institute, instituted, instituting, institution, institution', institutional, institutions, institutions', instruct, instructions, instrument, instrument', instruments, insufficient, insurance, insured, integrated, integration, integrity, intelligence, intelligence', intelligence, intended, intends, intent, intention, intentional, intentionally, intentions, interbank, intercept, intercepted, interception, interdependent, interest, interested, interests, interface, interference, interferes, interfering, intergovernmental, intermediary, internal, internal', international, internationally, internet, internships, interoperability, interpol, interruption, interstate, intervals, intimidate, intimidation, into, invalid, invalidity, investigate, investigate', investigated, investigating, investigation, investigation', investigations, investigative, investigatory, investment, invoked, involve, involved, involvement, involves, involving, irrespective, is, islands, issuance, issue, issue', issued, issued', issuer, issues, issuing, it, item, items, its, itself, iv, ix, j, january, jeff, jeopardize, join, join', joint, jointly, judge, judges, judges', judgment, judgments, judicial, judiciary, july, june, jurisdiction, jurisdiction', jurisdictional, jurisdictions, jury, justice, justified, justifies, k, keeping, kept, key, kidnap, kidnaping, kidnapping, kidnapping', kill', killed, killing, killings, kingpin, knew, know, knowing, knowingly, knowledge, known, knows, korea', l, labor, laboratories, laden, land, landlord, language, languages, large, larger, last, later, launderers, laundering, law, lawful, lawfully, laws, leach, leader, leaders, leadership, leased, least, legal, legally, legislation, legislative, legitimate, lending, length, lengthening, less, less', letters, level, levels, liabilities, liability, liable, liaison, liberties, license, license', licensed, licenses, licenses
, lie, life, life', lift, light, like, likely, limb, limit, limitation, limitations, limited, limits, line, line', lines, linguistic, links, liquid, liquidated, list, listed, lists, litigation, little, loan, local, localities, locate, located, location, locations, long, longer, lookout, loss, loss', losses, lost, low, lower, lowered, luggage, m, machine, made, magistrate, mail, mailing, maim, maintain, maintained, maintaining, maintains, maintenance, majority, make, makes, making, malicious, maliciously, manage, manageable, managed, management, manages, managing, mandate, mandatory, manipulation, manner, manslaughter, manufacture, many, mapping, margins, mariana, marital, maritime, market, marshal, marshals, masks, mass, material, materials, matter, matters, maximum, may, may', mean, meaning, meaningful, meanings, means, measure, measures, measures, mechanism, mechanisms, medical, medicine, meet, meeting, meets, member, members, membership, memberships, memorandums, mental, merchandise, merchant, merchants, merger, mergers, merits, messages, method, methods, metropolitan, microfilm, miles, military, minimally, minimize, minimum, minority, misappropriation, miscellaneous, miscellaneous
, misdemeanor, misguided, missile, missiles, missing, missions, misstatement, misuse, mitigate, mitigation, mobile, model, modeling, models, modification, modified, modify, mohammed, monetary, money, monitor, monitoring, month, months, more, most, motion, motivation, motor, mount, move, movement, moving, much, multi, multijurisdictional, multilateral, munitions, murder, muslim, must, mutual, mutually, n, name, named, names, narcotics, nation, national, nationalities, nationality, nationals, nations, nationwide, natural, naturalization, naturally, nature, navigation, nces, ncic, near, necessarily, necessary, necessity, need, needed, needs, negligent, negotiations, neighboring, neither, network, network
, networks, new, newspaper, nisac, nist, no, nominal, non, nonbank, noncapital, noncompliance, noncooperative, nondelegation, nondisclosure, nondomiciliaries, none, nonfinancial, nongovernmental, nonimmigrant, nonprofit, nonresidents, nor, north, northern, not, note, notes, nothing, notice, notice', notification, notify, notwithstanding, november, now, nuclear, null, number, numbered, numerical, object, objection, objective, obligated, obligation, obligations, obstacles, obstruct, obstruction, obtain, obtained, obtaining, obtains, occur, occurred, occurring, occurs, october, of, of', offender, offenders, offense, offenses, offenses
, offer, offered, office, office', officer, officer', officers, officers', officers
, offices, official, officials, offshore, offshore', old, omission, omit, omnibus, on, once, one, ongoing, only, onset, open, opened, opening, opens, operate, operated, operating, operation, operational, operations, operator, operators, opportunities, opportunity, or, or', or, oral, oral', order, order', ordered, orders, ordinarily, ordinary, organization, organization', organizations, organization's, organized, originating, origination, originator, originators, orphans, osama, other, others, otherwise, our, out, out', outbreaks, outmoded, outreach, outside, over, overall, overlap, overseas, oversight, overtime, own, owned, owner, owner', owners, ownership, owns, p, packet, page, page, paid, pakistani, papers, paragraph, paragraphs, parallel, parent, parents, parole, part, parte, participant, participant', participants, participated, participating, participation, particular, particularly, parties, partnership, parts, party, passed, passenger, passengers, passport, passports, patriot, patriotism, patrol, patterns, pay, payable, payees, paying, payment, payments, pdf, peaceful, pen, penalties, penalty, pendency, pending, people, per, perceived, percent, percent', perform, performance, performing, period, periodic, periods, permanent, permissible, permission, permit, permits, permitted, perpetrated, perpetrating, perpetrators, person, person', personal, personally, personnel, persons, person's, persons', persuade, pertaining, petition, petitioner, petitions, pharmaceutical, phrase, physical, pipeline, piracy, place, placed, placement, places, plaintiff, plan, planned, planning, plans, plastic, plate, plates, platform, platforms, play, point, points, police, policies, policy, policymakers, political, pool, population, port, portion, ports, pose, posed, posing, position, possess, possesses, possessing, possession, possessions, possible, post, posts, potential, potentially, power, powers, practicable, practical, practices, practices', precautionary, preceding, preclude, precursor, predicates, predominantly, preference, prejudice, preliminarily, premises, preparation, prepare, prepared, preparedness, preparing, preponderance, prescribe, prescribed, prescribed', prescribing, presence, presence', present, presentation, presented, preservation, preserve, preserving, president, presidential, pretrial, prevent, prevented, preventing, prevention, previous, previously, prey, primarily, primary, principal, principally, principles, prior, priorities, priority, privacy, private, privately, privilege, pro, problem, problems, procedure, procedure', procedures, procedures, proceeding, proceeding', proceedings, proceeds, process, process', processing, processing', produce, produces, producing, product, production, professionals, program, programming, programs, progress, prohibit, prohibited, prohibiting, prohibition, prohibitions, prohibits, projects, projects', proliferation, prominence, promise, promote, prompt, promptly, promulgate, promulgated, pronouncements, proper, property, property', prophylactic, proposal, proposed, prosecute, prosecuted, prosecuting, prosecution, prosecutions, prosecutor, prosecutors, prosperity, protect, protected, protecting, protection, protection, protective, protective', provide, provided, provider, provides, providing, provision, provisions, provisions, proximate, proximately, public, publication, publicly, publish, published, puerto, punish, punishable, punished, punished', punishing, punishment, purchase, purpose, purpose', purposes, purposes
, pursuant, pursuing, purview, put, q, qualifications, qualified, qualifies, qualify, qualifying, quality, quantities, quantity, quest, questions, quick, r, racial, racketeering, radio, radiological, rail, raise, raising, range, ranging, rank, ranking, rapid, rare, rate, rds, read, readable, readily, readiness, real, reason, reasonable, reasonably, reasons, reauthorization, receipt, receipts, receive, received, received, receiver, receives, receiving, recent, recipient, recipients, reciprocity, reckless, recognizable, recognize, recognizes, recommend, recommendation, recommendations, reconfiguration, reconfiguring, reconsider, reconsidered, record, record', recording, recordkeeping, records, records', recover, recovery, red, redesignate, redesignated, redesignating, redesignation, redesignation', redissemination, reduce, reduced, reducing, reduction, reentry, reestablishing, refer, reference, references, referred, refers, reform, reformed, regard, regarded, regarding, regardless, regime, regimes, region, regional, register, register', registered, registers, registration, registry, regular, regularity, regulated, regulating, regulation, regulations, regulator, regulator', regulators, regulatory, reimburse, reimbursed, reimbursement, relate, related, relates, relating, relations, relationship, relationships, relative, relatives, release, released, relevant, reliable, reliance, relied, relief, relieve, religion, religious, rely, rem, remain, remainder, remaining, remains, remarries, remedies, remedy, remote, removable, removal, removed, removes, removing, render, rendered, rendition, renewal, renewals, renounced, repatriate, repatriation, repeatedly, replaced, replenish, report, reported, reporting, reports, reports, representative, representatives, represented, reproduces, reproduction, reproductions, republic, request, requested, requesting, requests, require, required, requirement, requirements, requires, requiring, rescue, research, research', reserve, reside, residence, residence', residences, resident, residents, resides, residing, resistant, resolutely, resolution, resolving, resource, resources, respect, respective, respectively, respond, responders, responding, response, responses, responsibilities, responsibility, responsible, restitution, restoring, restrained, restraining, restraint, restricted, restricting, restriction, result, resulted, resulting, results, retain, retained, retains, retention, retrain, retrieval, retroactive, return, returning, revealing, revenue, review, review, reviewed, reviewing, revocation, revoked, revolution, reward, rewards, rico, right, rights, risk, risking, rogatory, role, routed, routing, roving, rule, rulemaking, rules, s, sabotage, sacrosanct, safe, safeguard, safeguards, safety, said, salaries, sale, salman, same, samoa, sanctions, satisfaction, satisfied, satisfy, savings, scale, scanning, scans, scene, school, schoolbus, scienter, scientific, scope, screen, screened, screening, scrutiny, seal, seaports, search, searches, sec, second, secrecy, secret, secretary, secretary', secretary's, secrets, section, section', sections, sector, sectors, secure, securing, securities, securities', security, security', seek, seeking, seeks, seize, seized, seizure, select, selecting, selection, self, selling, sells, semi, semiannual, semiannually, semicolon, senate, sender, senior, sense, sent, sentence, sentencing, separate, separated, september, seq, sequence, serious, seriously, seriousness, serve, served, service, service', services, services', serving, session, session, set, sets, setting, settlement, seven, severability, severable, shall, shall', share, shared, shareholder, shareholders, shares, sharing, she, shell, shielded, shift, ship, shipped, shopping, short, should, showing, shown, sightseeing, signal, signaling, signed, significant, signifying, signs, sikh, sikhs, similar, similarity, similarly, simulation, since, single, situated, six, size, skills, smallpox, smuggle, smuggled, smugglers, smuggling, so, social, society, software, sold, sole, solely, solicit, solicitation, solicitations, solicitor, some, son, sons, sooner, sophisticated, sought, sought', source, sources, sources
, south, speaker, special, specialists, specially, specific, specifically, specified, specify, speed, spending, sponsored, sponsors, spouse, spouses, spread, st, stability, stabilizing, staff, staffing, stamp, stand, standard, standards, standing, start, stat, state, state', stated, states, state's, states', states
, stating, stations, statistics, status, statute, statute', statutory, stay, steps, still, stockpile, stockpiles, stolen, stone, stones, stones', stop, stored, stores, strategy, streets, strength, strengthen, strengthening, striking, strongest, structure, structuring, student, study, subaccount, subchapter, subchapters, subclause, subclauses, subdivision, subject, subjected, subjecting, subjects, submission, submit, submits, submittal, submitted, submitting, subparagraph, subparagraphs, subpart, subpoena, subpoenas, subscriber, subscriber', subsection, subsections, subsequent, subsidiaries, substance, substance', substances, substantial, substantially, substitute, subtitle, subvert, successfully, successor, such, such', suffered, sufficient, summarizing, summons, sums, sunset, supersede, superseding, supervised, supervises, supervision, supervisors, supervisory, supplemental, supplies, supply, support, supporters, supporting, supreme, surge, surrounding, surveillance, surveillance', surveys, surviving, susceptible, suspected, suspend, suspension, suspicions, suspicious, sustained, switched, syria, system, systemic, systems, systems, table, tactical, tailored, take, taken, takes, taking, taliban, tamper, tangible, tap, target, targeted, targeting, targets, task, tax, technical, techniques, technological, technologies, technology, telecommunications, telemarketing, telephone, television, temporarily, temporary, tempore, ten, ten', tenets, term, terminal, terminate, terminated, terminating, termination, terms, territorial, territories, territory, terrorism, terrorism', terrorism
, terrorist, terrorists, terrorists', terrorists, test, tested, testimony, tests, text, th, than, than', that, that', the, theft, their, them, then, therapeutics, therapies, there, thereafter, thereby, therefor, therefrom, therein, thereof, thereto, thereunder, these, they, thing, things, third, this, those, threat, threaten, threatens, threats, three, threshold, through, throughout, thus, thwarting, time, timely, times, timing, title, title', to, to', today, together, toll, took, tools, tort, torture, total, toward, toxin, toxin', trace, traceable, tracking, trade, traded, trades, trading, traditional, traffickers, trafficking, tragic, trail, train, trained, training, trains, trandahl, transacted, transaction, transactional, transactions, transactions', transcending, transfer, transferred, transferring, transfers, transformed, translation, translations, translators, transmission, transmits, transmittal, transmitted, transmitting, transmitting', transnational, transparency, transport, transportation, transportation', transported, transporting, transports, trap, travel, travels, treasury, treat, treated, treaties, treatment, treatments, treaty, trends, trespasser, trespasser', trespassers, trespasser's, trial, tribal, tried, triple, true, trust, trusts, turbans, turkey, twenty, two, type, types, typically, u, unable, unauthorized, unavailable, under, undercover, underground, underlying, undermine, undermines, underpin, understanding, undertake, underway, undesignated, undue, unenforceability, unenforceable, unfolded, uniform, uninstalled, uninsured, unintended, unintentional, union, unions, united, uniting, units, unity, unlawful, unlawfully, unless, unlicensed, unlicensed', unlikely, unmarried, unreviewable, until, unwittingly, up, update, updated, updates, upgrading, upon, urban, usa, usage, use, used, usefulness, user, uses, using, usual, utilities, utilization, utilize, utilized, utilizing, utter, uttering, v, vaccines, valid, validity, value, variety, various, vehicle, venue, verbal, verification, verify, verifying, vest, vi, via, viability, vibrant, victim, victims, video, vii, viii, violate, violated, violates, violating, violation, violations, violence, violent, virgin, virtual, virtue, visa, visas, visiting, vital, vocational, voice, volume, voluntarily, voluntary, vote, w, waive, waiver, wake, wanted, warfare, warning, warrant, warranted, warranting, warrants, was, watchlist, water, way, we, weak, weapon, weapon', weaponization, weapons, welfare, well, were, what, when, whenever, where, whereby, wherever, whether, which, whichever, while, who, whoever, whole, whom, whose, wide, will, willful, willfully, wire, wiretap, with, withdrawal, within, without, witnesses, women, work, workers, workshops, world, worldwide, worn, worship, would, wreck, wrecking, wrecks, writ, writer, writing, written, wrongdoing, x, y, year, year', years, years', york, yorker

Even just from the language alone, sounds like we mean business.

(this transformation powered by C#, there is no way I would have hand-made this)

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