Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Resources for Developing and Using DSpace

Since I'm pretty active with working on and developing for DSpace, I've decided I should compile a list of resources that I frequently point to. These resources will be useful for people using, installing, managing, or developing with DSpace, the repository software for archiving your important data.


Official DSpace Documentation

Official DSpace Installation Documentation

List of DSpace Installation Guides for easy deployment on your OS (Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, RedHat)

The easiest guide for installing DSpace, on Ubuntu.

Useful wiki maintained by SUNScholar in South Africa

DSpace JavaDoc, readable documentation generated from DSpace Java code

Obtaining the DSpace Code
Source Forge - Official SVN Repository

Source Forge - Download ZIP of the code

GitHub - unofficial mirror to Git

Modules - Supported Additions to DSpace (CODE) (Wiki / Documentation)

Mailing List Archives (dspace-tech)
DSpace-Tech mailing list is the usual hangout for questions on DSpace. Typically it will have people troubleshooting their installation, working on a new feature, having questions on how to change their metadata. There is also dspace-general which is generally for repository admins to get announcements without getting too much traffic that you would be prompted to unsubscribe. DSpace-devel is geared towards developers, as someone will often pose questions about refactoring the code. However, dspace-tech is probably your best bet.

Nabble - My favorite place to see the DSpace mailing list archive is at Nabble, since it has a nice presentation, and it is really fast. I like how it shows the users picture.

Mail Archive - Shows posts in their threaded hierarchy. Fast, and easy to search.

Source Forge -- Official Archive of the DSpace-Tech. The presentation is not that great, its also really slow. Your better off using nabble, or mail archive. However, you should subscribe from sourceforge.

DSpace Developers,
I've added DSpace Developers that I'm aware of who have blogs. Most people are probably posting their status updates to social networks, Twitter or Google+ these days. But written up articles still appear in their blogs.

Stuart Lewis - Developer/Manager in New Zealand

Kim Shepherd - Developer in New Zealand

Mark Diggory - Developer for @Mire in San Diego, CA, USA

Peter Dietz - Developer in Columbus, OH, USA. Works on Ohio State Knowledge Bank.

Hired Help
Above and beyond the resources available to you so you can help yourself. There are also companies that exist who live and breath DSpace, and are available to provide premium enhancements to your repository, provide DSpace hosting, customization and branding, training, and custom development for a new feature that you are dreaming up.

DSpace calls them Registered Service Providers.

Some of the vendors I've met (and have positive reviews of) are:

Other Resources
Other things that exist that might be helpful to check out.

JIRA - Bug Reporting

Demo Instance of the latest version of DSpace.

IRC Channel, to chat with other DSpace developers
FreeNode #dspace


  1. I've update the DSpace Javadocs.
    DSpace JavaDocs Portal:

    DSpace 1.8 JavaDocs

    DSpace 1.6 JavaDocs

  2. Also, DSpace has change the url for the documentation.

    The old url: goes no-where, so you need to specify which version of DSpace you are using.

    i.e instead of just DCDOC, its either DSDOC18 or DSDOC17.

    DSpace 1.8 Documentation

    DSpace 1.7 Documentation

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