Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ohio State webmail vs Gmail: Make the Switch

Official Who uses Ohio State's webmail? Gmail is the way to go.

Ohio State (OSU)'s webmail system is... I don't know, I don't use it anymore. I use gmail.

Notice how the last message to pass through webmail is from August of 2005, almost a year and half ago from this post.

Ever since I made the switch (and changed my email address from non-gmail) email has been all that much better. I would encourage Ohio State, and every other institution, group, company that provides its own in-house email to make the switch also. Unless your IT staff has its own email system which competes against the likes of Gmail, ie email integration with database servers and desktop integration that is unobtrusive while keeping employees from wasting hours working out technical issues, I would recommend Gmail for everyone.

If you are an OSU student using OSU's webmail, here's how to make the switch too.
1) Get gmail! http://www.gmail.com
2) Have osu forward your webmail to your new you@gmail.com. oit.osu.edu -> account management -> osu.edu email -> Change delivery -> forward email to your new you@gmail.com
3) [OPTIONAL] Create a label and filter in gmail which allow you to see which emails were destined for which inboxes.
4) [OPTIONAL] Add Send mail as to gmail, through Settings -> Account -> Send Mail As

The inbox count shows that there are many many emails that I'll never read, and never have to read. I could list all the great features, but you could just watch a video of google engineers showing off the latest features.


  1. ... and when you're using the GREAT GTDInbox extension for the Firefox browser, you can actually get organized enough to get all your work and assignments DONE !!

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